Rumors Of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Beds Debunked

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If you’ve spent much time recently on Tiktok and Twitter, you may have seen an odd rumor circulating. You might have seen videos claiming the Olympic athletes’ village beds are designed to discourage sex.

The prudish charge arises from the fact that the organizers of Tokyo 2020 chose cardboard mattresses. In addition, the odd modular frameworks sparked suspicions that the organizers had purposefully picked constructions that could not support the weight of two persons, especially if they were socializing.

More about the rumors : 

Paul Chelimo, a US runner and Olympic silver medalist, posted images of the mattresses on social media. He claimed that the design is “aims to minimize intimacy among athletes,” especially in light of COVID-19 prevention.

Chelimo also said that if athletes wet the bed, they’d have to be careful. Or they’d wind up sleeping on the floor.

“The ecological buds are strong,” says a spokeswoman for Airweave, the official bed provider for Tokyo 2020. In reality, the mattresses can support up to 200 kilograms. Considering the average weight of the athletes to be 72 kgs, it is more than enough to hold at least two individuals.

Rhys McClenaghan is an Irish gymnast participating in the Olympics. He put the mattresses to the test himself as a personal courtesy to any other athletes interested in pushing the weight limit. McClenaghan posted a video of himself jumping on the bed on Twitter.

While leaping on the mattress, the gymnast in the video remarks, “Apparently they’re supposed to break with any abrupt movements”. “It’s fake!” False information!” 

The official Olympics channel complimented McClenaghan for “debunking the misconception”. He also emphasized that “the ecological cardboard mattresses are indeed strong!”


Eco-friendly beds are part of the sustainable strategy :

Though the beds have sparked a lot of humor on social media, they are considerably more impressive than most people realize.

This is the first time in Olympic history that the athletes’ beds are made primarily of renewable materials. Around 18,000 beds and mattresses will be provided by Airweave, a Japanese bedding company. In a statement issued Wednesday, Airweave stated that “cardboard mattresses are stronger than wood or steel beds.”

Source: Business Insider

The mattresses are modular, which means they can tailor to different athlete body types. In addition, they’re composed of polyethylene fibers, which Airweave claims can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

The beds are part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games’ more comprehensive sustainability strategy, aiming to put the environment at the center of the event and leave a lasting legacy.

So we know that the beds are long-lasting and capable of accommodating adult activities. But, it is worth noting that three instances of COVID-19 have already been reported in the athletes’ village. So, this year’s Olympics will show many new practices to adapt to the recent changes. 

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