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Scary Places That You Shouldn’t Travel Alone

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To be honest, I am not a huge fan of scary movies. But when it comes to real life scary places, I feel so intrigued.

There’s some kind of truth in the creepy vibes that we get from the real life scary places.

If you decide to go to any one of these places, I hope you take someone else along with you.

No matter how much you love horror, these places might make you shit your pants.

Since you probably some the creepy vibes, here are some of the places you shouldn’t travel alone.


1. The Island Of The Dolls – Mexico:

creepy places to travel

If you’re a huge fan of scary movies like Annabelle, this is one of the best places for you.

Located in the center of mexico city, this Island was previously owned by Don Julian Santana.

Santana began to hang these dolls on the trees of the island after a girl drowned near the river.

He found the body of the girl near the riverbanks  entangled among the lilies.

Since then he reported hearing voices and screaming, reportedly of the same girl’s.

As a protection from the spirit of the girls ghost he started hanging the dolls around the island.

The scariest part of the story is that Mr. Santana was found on the same place the dead body of the girl was found in 2001.

He apparently died of a heart attack. So, if you wanted some creepy places to add on your travelling list, you should definitely try this.


2. Hashima Island, Japan:

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Hashima Island is an abandoned island near 15 Km away from the city of Nagasaki.

Mitsubishi used this place as a coal mine extraction centre before 1950’s.

After petroleum replaced coal, they abandoned this place slowly.

Hashmia officially closed the mine in January 1974. By April, all the inhabitants of the island were gone.

There were records of thousands of death during its operations. Which is why people think it is haunted at present.

We also call it the ghost Island of Japan.


3. Aokigahara – Japan:

creepy places to travel

When you travel to Japan, don’t forget to make a trip to Aokigahara, famously known for the stories of suicide.

This scary place had an every exceeding list of suicide attempts in the forest.

In 2010, the number of people recorded was 200.

However, the government has issued a notice to stop publicizing the number of suicides.

Due to this reason, on the entry of the forest, the officials have placed a notice saying that suicidal people should instead seek help rather than killing themselves.

The forest is apparently haunted with the people who have taken their lives there.

So, if you decide to make this journey make sure you have someone else who can take care of you.


4. Lome Bazaar Togo – Africa:

Unlike any of the scary places mentioned above, this is a market and full of people.

But the only things that are sold in these market are the things needed to perform black magic.

You can find freshly killed animals to preserved skeletons of animals.

The smell is so pungent and you can apparently smell it from miles away.

Even today, many small African countries still practice voodoo actively.

The main customers of this market has customers from around there itself.

So, if you decide to travel to this scary place full of creepy things, make sure you take someone else along with you.


5.Dadipark, Dadizel – Belgium:

scary places

Close to the French border, dadipark is the oldest abandoned amusement parks of Belgium.

In the 1980’s, the amusement park introduced simple rides for the children.

However, due to excessive accidents people abandoned the park.

Things went downhill from 1990 onward.

Now there are grasses and branches that have grown over to concrete.

The place looks like something from a horror movie. Most of the parts of the park are now eerie looking.

So, if you plan to go to this scary place, make sure to take someone else along with you to enjoy the rusted rides.


6. The Chateau De Brissac, Maine-Et-Loire, France

scary places

The Chateau De Brissac is one of the castles in the Loire river valley of France.

The counts of Anjou built it in the 11th century.

Reportedly, the current residents of the castle Duke of Brissac are accustomed to the ghost of a Dame Verte or The green lady.

However, the ghost sightings have reportedly taken aback some guests and visitors.

They have also reported that they can hear screams in the early morning.

So, this place sound hella creepy to travel alone. Just in case you want someone to jump onto when the ghost looks at you, take someone with you to this scary place.


7. Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada:

If you think Niagara falls isn’t fun enough for you, you should visit the screaming tunnel beside it.

People believe that the ghost of a young girl haunts the tunnel. Apparently you can hear the screams of the ghost of the girl.

The girl died inside the tunnel. The legends of the story have different versions.

However, you can always visit the place and see for yourself if it is true or not. But make sure you take someone else alongside you in this journey to the scary place.

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