Riverdale Season 3 and 4, Recap Everything That Has Happened

Riverdale, since it started airing in 2017, has taken a few very dark twists. Currently, the American TV series adapted by Warner Bros now has four seasons. The series has a fascinating cast that resembles the original Archie comics. In the very first season, Riverdale had 13 episodes, followed by the 2nd season, which had 22 episodes. The viewers very much liked the series. Hence, adding more and more exciting storyline with each new season. After Luke Perry unexpectedly died on March 4th after the completion of season 3, Riverdale focused on giving the cast member a tribute on season 4.

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Season 3 of Riverdale introduced a few new characters. It also made some hefty reveals that we didn’t see coming. Furthermore, the storylines were also changed due to the loss of Luke Perry, aka Fred Andrews. Now since season four has started airing and is on its 17th episode, if you haven’t watched season 3. You might want to catch up.

Some of the significant plots of season 3 of Riverdale were (Spoilers Ahead):

1. The revelation of the Gargoyle King:

The main antagonist of Riverdale season 3 was the Gargoyle King. Besides, the story revolved around the character for most of the latter half of season 2 and season 3. Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica spent much of their time trying to solve the mystery of the king. After tons of plotting and games, they ended up at Thornhill in a gathering with Penelope Blossom. It was to their surprise when Chic revealed himself as the Gargoyle king. Only then did they realize that this was all a game for Penelope, who has a grudge against Riverdale.

2. Archie plead guilty for a murder he didn’t commit:

On the very first episode of Season 3 in Riverdale, Archie accepts the charge for the killing of Cassidy Bullock that he didn’t commit. He would instead go to the prison than have any of his mates dragged onto the mess. He ends up in jail after getting trapped by Hiram.

Riverdale season 3 cast
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However, Veronica and her friends take upon themselves to free Jughead from the Juvenile detention center, which is owned by Hiram.

3. Random Seizures Outbreak:

People at Riverdale started to have random seizures. The first one to have it was Betty, followed by Ethel, Josie, and the River Vixens. The cause of these seizures was a claimes to be due to the contaminated water. But this turned out to be a hoax created by Hiram to keep the people from doubting otherwise. The seizures ended up being the reaction of drugs that were being tested on the people of Riverdale by the Farm with Hiram’s help.

4. Deaths of Riverdale cast/characters during the season 3:

Riverdale season 3
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The number of deaths during season 3 of Riverdale was. The following actors died in season 3 of Riverdale:

  1. Dilton Doiley
  2. Ben Button killed as a sacrifice
  3. Principal Featherhead at the Riverdale High
  4. The warden of the Juvenile detention center
  5. Joaquin by Gargoyle King
  6. Shadow Lake guys ordered by Hiram
  7. The Nuns
  8. Tall Boy
  9. Claudius Blossom died of Suicide
  10. Baby Teeth
  11. Michal Minnetta
  12. Marigold
  13. Randi Ronson
  14. Kurtz
  15. Hal Cooper who again was killed by Penelope

5. Veronica’s Businesses:

Inside her Speakeasy, Veronica managed to open a Casino as a challenge to her father. Under Pop’s, she opened a speakeasy, which occasionally also was run like a casino.

6. Cheryl and Tony’s Love story blooms:

Cheryl and Toni’s love story peaked during the season. Although there was a whirlwind of romance, they ended up moving in together. After Cheryl joined the Farm, Toni and he broke up. But it was only temporary as their love bloomed after they both ended up on the Farm.

7. Archie Fleas the jail and breaks up with Veronica:

Veronica plans a super plan to rescue her lover from the prison, along with her friends. They barely made it out of jail. Later he hides in Dilton’s bunker. But he breaks up with his lover and leaves Riverdale with his friend Jughead.

Riverdale season 3
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Out of Riverdale, they find out about the shady business of Hiram and his drug testings. After Archie flees again, he is attacked by a grizzly bear, which nearly kills him. Without a doubt, he survived. During this time, Veronica makes out with Reggie. Nonetheless, they break up in no time, and she gets back with his Archie.

8. FP becomes the new sheriff:

FP Jones became the new sheriff or Riverdale in season 3. As soon as Hiram was shot, Hermione Lodge, the mayor of Riverdale, appointed FP as the new Sherif.

Credit: The CW

9. Betty burned the house:

After Betty’s mom tried to sell the house so that they could move to the Farm full time, Betty thought it was the only option left. Although she tried, the house only had minimal damage. Therefore, the buyer of the home preceded to buy it even after knowing about the accident.

10. The Farm:

This was a very crucial plot of season 3 of Riverdale. It started by Betty’s sister Polly becoming a member of the Farm. Polly dragged Alice Cooper into the Farm. Alice ended up donating all of Betty’s college fund to the Farm.

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Although Alice had gone undercover to the Farm as an FBI agent, she almost died inside. Plus, Edgar Evernever runs the Farm, which we later understood was trading human body parts. Many people from Riverdale ended up joining the Farm, including Kevin, Ethel, Cheryl, Toni, and even Betty.

On October 19th, the season 4 of Riverdale aired with Episode 1. The 17th episode of Riverdale Season 4 has just aired. So, if you haven’t been able to catch up with Everything the happened in Riverdale Season 4 till chapter 16, here are some of the points to know:

Season 4 Riverdale:

  1. Alice shoots Edgar Evernever, who is supposedly dead.
  2. Luke Perry died unexpectedly on March 4th, 2019, due to a stroke.
    Riverdale, Luke Perry Tribute
    Credit: THE CW

    In the series, Fred Andrews was given a tribute in Riverdale following his death.

  3. Hiram gets out of jail, and so does Hermione Lodge.
  4. Veronica’s expands her Rum business with Cheryl after finding out about her half-sister Hermosa.
  5. Jughead finds out about his Grandfather Forsythe Pendleton Jones and meets him.
  6. Cheryl lets go of her brother’s dead body and burns it on the riverbank.
  7. Jughead dies, but not really. Betty and Jughead plan and fake his death and funeral to test find out more about the Quill and Skull Drama.
    Riverdale season 3 cast
    Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW
  8. Betty and Jughead with Forsythe Pendleton Jones I, find out about the Quill and Skull mystery. They find about the Baxter Brothers and the stolen novel. As a result, Francis Dupont killed himself by jumping out of the same window as Rupert Chipping.

Netflix released the latest episode 74 of Riverdale today. So, watch episode 17 of season 4 to understand how the mystery in Riverdale moves ahead.