Relationship Hack: How To Carry On Online Dating While Social Distancing?

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean that your love life needs to tumble down. It’s not as simple as the times when you could go outside on dates, but there are ways you can make it work. But online dating while social distancing means that you have to get more creative with your partners. You should invest more into making it work. And if you think they deserve the effort, you can make these dates as romantic and fun.

Online dating while social distancing
Online dating while social distancing

With the introduction of online dating apps, it has been particularly easy to meet new people. You don’t need to go out to the club or the park to strike a conversation with someone new. Not to mention there are tons of benefits of online dating too. Relationships during coronavirus pandemic are more fragile than ever but thanks to online dating platforms, we still have hope.

Perks of online dating:

  • Your anxiety levels are low.
  • You get to know people without getting too attached.
  • There is always an option of blocking them if things go wrong.
  • You can talk to new people while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.
  • It’s far more comfortable than going on actual dates.
  • You have tons of more options while online dating.
  • It’s also way cheaper but also saves your time and energy.

How to find someone new through online dating apps?

If you are single and are trying to find someone to be with during this time, don’t lose hope. There are ways that can help you with your dating life. The use of online dating apps like OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble is especially on the rise. On March alone there has been an increase in usage of dating apps by around 20%.  So, use these hacks to take social distancing as an opportunity to start or keep dating:

1. Design a new and exciting profile:

Online dating apps are one of the easiest ways out to start dating while social distancing. However, just because you set a profile on your name and bio on it doesn’t mean you are going to be matched. I, too, agree that the first impression is not the only impression. But if the only chance to make an impression you get is through your profile, you better make it captivating.

Online dating while social distancing
Use dating apps while social distancing

This surely doesn’t mean that you get to be fake and try to deceive them. What I mean is that you can improve the chances of finding someone new without lying. For instance:

  • Choose the right photos. Make sure that the focus on these photos is towards you.
  • Make sure that your bio expresses who you are. Try to focus on things that you look forward to seeing in someone else’s profile.
  • Your profile needs to have something that could be a potential conversation opener.
  • Make sure that you avoid cliché.
  • Don’t post pessimistic or negative things that tend to push people away.

This way, you can still be open to online dating while maintaining social distancing during this pandemic.

2. Be open to conversations:

Your interactions are what will make them interested. If you want to find someone to date seriously, you need to be open to talking. The best thing is that there are so many online apps with which you can continue your conversation. Suppose you matched with someone on tinder or bumble, and you are interested in them. In that case, you can start talking to them over face time and follow them on Instagram or Snapchat. Doing this will slowly connect you both and will surely help you understand each other better.

Be open to communication

However, you need to be careful in case they are not genuine, and somethings are fishy. There are not just good people on the internet, and you should know the common lies people tell on dating apps. 

3. Do more things online, apart from just texting:

Once you get comfortable talking to them and think that they are worth your time, start being creative. You can play online games, share songs that you both like or start a challenge together. Try anything that interests you both and keeps your engaged. One of the easiest ways to bond with someone is to try their hobbies.

Online dating while social distancing

You might either enjoy it or realize that you aren’t really into it. Both ways it’s right for you.

How to keep the romance alive in your relationships while social distancing for couples?

It can potentially take months or even a year before you get to meet the person you are together with again. This thought of staying apart can be overwhelming and scary too. Perhaps you cannot visit them at their place or go out on dates after work, but you can still talk and enjoy over the phone. Maybe this social distancing will help you gain more clarity and perspective about what you want in life. Take this as an opportunity to maintain space with your loved ones but still making sure you are in touch with them through online mediums.

Some remedies can potentially help your online dating experience. There are sites and platforms where you can still keep your romance alive while making sure you maintain social distance. For couples who aren’t living together and are far off, you can do these things to revamp your love life:

1. Plan for online dates:

Just because you can see them in person anymore doesn’t mean you cannot keep having dates. There are tons of ways you can make it work. Plan a time for when you both are free. You can cook or order in a have a conversation over facetime, skype or any other video calling apps.

Plan online dates while social distancing

Make sure to make time for each other without any disturbance so that you can focus and talk to them. Making an environment for just you both will help you get the feeling of being together even while apart. Social distancing doesn’t need to be an issue for you since there is online dating.

2. Cook together:

While you are stuck at home you can download a recipe and try to cook together. This will give you a feeling of being together with your partner without breaking social distancing.

Online dating while social distancing

Online dating while social distancing can be a place for exploring mutual interests and hobbies without stepping into each other’s personal boundaries.

3. Learn a hobby together:

It’s not necessary that just because you are stuck at home you stop doing the things that you used to do. If there are things that you have been planning to learn for years but never had the time for it, it’s your time.

learn new things with your partner

You can learn to play a new instrument, or learn arts and crafts with your partner. Find out a hobby that matches both of your interest and learn it over the internet. You can use learning apps like Skillshare, Coursera and even youtube.

4. Play online games:

Coronavirus might have stopped us from playing contact sports but this doesn’t mean we cannot play online games. It’s especially more fun if you both are into gaming. You can play multiplayer games with your partner. But you can also choose to play games that are specially designed for couples. For instance applications like Happy couple, Couplete, Desire and Sex roulette.

5. Bring the heat in the bedrooms:

Due to social distancing norms, you might not be able to go see them but you can still use online apps to make things interesting.

Online dating while social distancing

Use apps like Kindu which will help you keep your sex life steamy even while maintaining social distance. Without the physical touch, it’s definitely not as easy to do it. However, with such online apps, even while social distancing you can have fun with your loved ones and keep dating.

6. Maintain a schedule and practice self-care routines:

Since we are forcing ourselves to stay home it can impact our mental health. Human beings are social beings, we are normally surrounded by others. But this is not possible while staying inside due to coronavirus. So, it is important that we get our energy back through other mediums.

Online dating while social distancing

Our relationships are fragile and more likely to break than ever during this time. So, in order to make sure we are calm and patient, we need to take care of our mental health. You can choose to meditate or do yoga to calm your mind and body. Also, make sure that you are following a workout routine since you are staying home and have limited body movements.  You can even plan skincare routines together with your partner and enjoy the time doing similar things.

Practise self-care

Although relationships will and have gotten affected due to coronavirus social distancing norms, this doesn’t mean that you cannot work your way around. You can still find ways to make it interesting and fun for both you and your partner. You just need to have an open mind and a willingness to make it work. So, use these online dating while social distancing tips to keep yourself engaged and happy.