Common Lies People Tell on Online Dating Apps

Common Lies People Tell on Online Dating Apps

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the theory proposed by Abraham Maslow has stated that love is a fundamental need of human beings.

Not only human beings but also every living creature thrives with love and emotion.

Excluding animals and other living creatures, today we are here with some of the interesting facts about how people manipulate each other to get the attention of the person they adore.

Before the invention of the Internet, the only way for the people to find their soulmate was their social circles or work/school.

However, these days people are using the less traditional method i.e online dating to find their match.

As per the research, there are around 52.4 % of males and 47.6% of females in the world who use online dating platforms.

The survey of 2013 concluded that 77% of people considered that a smartphone is one of the basic needs of humans.

Statistics suggest that 1 out of 5 relationships begin online in today’s world.

Reports suggest that by the end of 2040, 70% of us will find our soulmate through the internet.

Several things drive the popularity of online dating, but a major factor is a time. Online dating is an effective solution to this serious problem.

Although the life of people has been easier with online dating apps, it’s really difficult to find the legit partner that you dream of via these methods.

Importantly, before you throw caution to the wind, there are few things you need to be alert about.

Below here are the common lies the people take help of on online dating apps.


1. Fake Online Dating Profiles

Common Lies of People On Online Dating Apps

Well, you might not find it surprising to know about this fact. In fact, everyone wants to present themselves appealing.

According to the research conducted by the agency OpinionMatters, females are more likely to lie with fake profiles than males.

The research was conducted in the US and UK and surprisingly, 53% of US participants admitted that they once faked their profile.

Women’s most common dishonesty is their looks while men are pretending to have a better job than they actually do.

On the other hand, the result of the research based on the UK was slightly different.

Around 43% of the people confessed about lying in their online profiles.

Dishonesty deteriorated with age in both the U.S. and UK samples. Instead of showing off, older people may be more interested in presenting themself genuinely.


2. Age Is Just Not a Number While Dating Online

As per the survey of beautifulpeople.com, nearly one-third of the mean accepted to lying about their age.

On the other hand, the figure was quite less in the case of women.

Particularly, only 17% of women admitted that they lied about their age.

Although some of them altered their age by 1o years, the majority percentage of the liars erased or added only a year or two.


3. Height

Online dating apps common lies

Out of many, the other trending lie people often use in online dating apps is altering their real height.

Well, some people are simply fascinated by the height, especially women.

Reportedly, both the sexes use this lie to convince their match but male are more likely to use this when compared to females.

The statics of Beautifulpeople.com suggests that 22% male and 10% female admitted fibbing.

This lie is very common among the guys and the reason might be the women preferring tall guy over shorter ones.

Additionally, the study from the dating site OkCupid confirmed that taller men receive more messages compared to the shorter ones.

Cotradically, this is just the opposite in the case of women.


4. Weight

Common Lies People Tell on Online Dating Apps

Weight is also one of the common lies people use when dating online. It’s true that everyone hates to gain weight and people don’t seem to get attracted to the over-weighted people.

The study of UW / Cornell found that women and men subtract 8.5 and 1.5 pounds respectively out of their real weight.


5. Photographs Deceive You

The proverb “picture speaks a thousand words”  can mislead you when it comes to online dating.

Reportedly, the photographs are the most deceptive element that anyone can have in their profile.

Although some of the pictures might mislead the real interpretation, most of them are purposefully edited to make more flattering.

The online dating expert Ettin recommends posting three to five pictures on your profile.

A picture with a good headshot, full-body shot, and doing something interesting should be a priority if you really want a genuine match via an online dating platform.

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