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Reasons Why Being A Failure Is Okay At Times

“Failure,” what is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear or see this word? Well, I’ve always thought of “fail” as an antonym for either developing or succeeding. Essentially, to fail implies to be defeated or, in simpler terms, to be unsuccessful in achieving a certain goal. We have always viewed failure as a demotivating aspect; however, this is not always the case. Failure is an unavoidable aspect of everyone’s life.

I often think of JK Rowling’s comment, ‘It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you may as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.’ As a result, failing is perfectly acceptable because it is natural.


 1) Failure is obligatory

My mother once told me that failure is a necessary part of life because it is a process that teaches you what success is. As a result, everyone must experience failure because we find our lives on it. Don’t be afraid of failing. You may believe that it is unfair for you to fail, but to be honest, everyone else is failing as well; it is a fair system for all. 

 2) It is the seed for success

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all time, said, “Failure is success in progress,” which is a very convincing statement. Defeat and disaster occur from time to time, bringing about important changes in our lives. It is not an easy road to success. It’s the result of a lot of effort, patience, and failure. As a result, failure serves as the basis for the success we seek.

 3) Failure makes you resilient

When our well-intentioned goals get hindered, we humans have an instinct to get anxious and upset. Not only that, but we’re depressed and dejected. As a reaction, we become zealous in our quest to show ourselves worthwhile in our own eyes! So, failure makes you more motivated, tough, and concentrated in your efforts to achieve success.

 4) Failure encourages creativity

You may ask yourself, “How?” at this point. It does, therefore, appear to make us more creative than before. It encourages everyone to consider and try other tactics to win, as that they could not achieve on their first attempt, or multiple attempts if you may. We can all seek new experiences and learn things we never thought we’d learn. 

‘Plan B’ is here to save the day if ‘Plan A’ fails. And even if it doesn’t, ‘Plan C’ has our backs!

 5) Failure boosts proficiency

Everything we wanted as a child, was ours. Now, we work up a sweat for what we demand ourselves. And sometimes, amid our hard work, we forget to indulge in our comforts. Failure teaches us about our talents and limitations. It hits us with a rush of realization of what we’re capable of, and we’re forced to face our weaknesses too. Hence, failure motivates us to improve our abilities to do a variety of tasks. It motivates us to be the best we can be.

6) It teaches you tolerance

When you’re facing failure, it’s quite easy to give up. The willpower to go any further fades. Failure can help us recover more quickly by teaching us patience. It improves stamina when we try to spend the effort to satisfy our desire for success.

7) Failure helps you review your priorities

Failure helps you in revising your life’s priorities. People concentrate on the things that are important to get; their desired goal. They develop a positive sense of starting over for the dreams they’ve wished for. Success is only attainable if people pay attention to the things that are truly essential in their lives.

Failure can occur not just in our personal and specific goals in life, but also in the social relationships that we commit to. But this does not imply that failure is fearful. We should all be willing to accept failure as it is hefty yet helpful. Celebrate failure as much as you do with achievements.

In this post, I’ve stressed the necessity of failure several times, and it helps you identify yourself as a person. It puts you to the test in every aspect of your life. Maintain a positive attitude and remain cool in the face of adversity, and challenge yourself so that you, my dear friend, can achieve the success you desire.

Finally, don’t be frightened of failing; rather, be terrified of not understanding the true meaning of success.

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