Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

Nepal, a county with spectacular landscape, a county blessed with magnificent natural beauty, is a place everyone ought to visit.

A country located right in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal is a perfect destination to visit and explore.

With boundless trekking routes, awesome food and overwhelming people, you will never get tired of admiring its beauty.

When in Nepal you will get to discover endless architectures, cultures and religions that will make you astonished every moment.

If you have traveled to Nepal or have been traveling you would definitely know the feeling.

However, if you haven’t yet, visit Nepal 2020 is on its way. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about different reasons to travel to Nepal more in an emotional perspective rather than the physical appearances.

So, join us to fall in love with Nepal more intensely and become a part of VisitNepal2020.


A Country of Amazing People

Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

You might have heard or noticed that people out here in Nepal seem to be very humble and polite.

Because of the society and culture they are born and bought up with, Nepalese people prefer to stay united.

And that exactly reflects on their behavior.

With a vibrant smile on their face, people of Nepal are always ready to help everyone.

The farther you get from the big cities, the more hospitality you will get.

Most tourists travelling to Nepal often say that the local people are so giving and kind.

Nepalese people are one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to travel to Nepal very often.


A Country Full of Spirituality and Mysticism

Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

As we all know, Nepal is a country mostly known for its culture and religions.

With eight percent of Nepal’s population being Hindu, ten percent Buddhist, and four percent Muslim, Nepal is full of ethnic diversity.

Whichever part of Nepal you visit, you will experience different religions with different culture.

On top of that, great tolerance among believers of different religions and harmony among them will defiantly make you overwhelmed.

You will find ceremonies going on most temples and hear mantras throughout the streets.

During festivals like Teej, IndraJatra, Shivaratri, Ed, or Lhosar, you will see a different side of the country.

Lots of people travel to Nepal especially to experience the culture people follow.


You Won’t Spend Much

Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

When you travel to Nepal, you need not worry about spending too much money on traveling.

Nepal is a very cheap country. You can easily travel around Nepal on a budget and have a great experience.

You can explore hills and mountains by yourself without spending much from your pocket.

However, keep in mind, it depends on the type of accommodation and transport you choose to travel.

Rather than that, if you choose to go for local food or places, you can easily travel the country for less than $20 a day.

Plus, the people are so honest that they will not charge you extra for anything.


A Country with Amazing Food

Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

As I already mentioned above, Nepal is a country known for its culture and religion.

And with that comes wide variety of dishes from each ethnic group staying in Nepal.

Local Nepali food tends to be simple yet quite tasty for instance dal bhat, the national dish of Nepal.

Some cuisines are seasoned with spices and seeds such as garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, and many more to make it more delicious.

When you visit the city area, you will experience the local Newari food more.

But when you travel around the country, Nepal will offer you more than you expect.

If you travel to Nepal, you should definitely not miss two cuisines: one the dal bhat tarkari and other the momos.


A Country Safe to Visit

Reasons That Will Make You Travel To Nepal

Like I have already mentioned it before, the Nepalese people are very humble, polite and honesty.

Nepal is a very safe destination and people here do no harm to each other’s.

Even the big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara are by no means dangerous.

Though some sellers might try to rip you off with the prices, you need to be a little careful about that.

Rather than that, you will only find peace and harmony among people.

Out of the city, you will experience quite villages that preserve their rural lifestyle with no harm.


Have a Great Shopping Experience

Nepal is a country where you will never get tired of shopping.

Shopping isn’t certainly expensive in Nepal, just like other Southeast Asian countries.

Especially in the city area you can get some gems from clothes, jewelry, artwork, to everything you desire.

It’s often colorful, handmade and unique that every tourists love.

If you desire to go to shopping malls and buy expensive goods, it’s a good choice.

But what’s better is the local market of Nepal.

Here, you will not only find cheap goods but have a completely new experience.

However, the only thing to keep in mind is that you just have to be smart enough to bargain at the right place.

That’s how you will get things you desire in cheap price.


There is Always More to Experience

No matter how many times you travel to Nepal, it’s always feels like a first time.

And it’s the opinion of many tourists who have visited Nepal often.

Every location has something unique to offer that you will never get tired of.

You visit Kathmandu, you get to experience the culture and religions.

You visit Mustang, you get to experience the amazing view and taste the most amazing apples.

Similarly, you visit Chitwan, you get to experience the amazing wildlife of Nepal.

Hence, once you travel to Nepal, you will definitely want to come back again to gain another new experience.

So, are you ready to be a part of VisitNepal2020? I’m sure this will make you do so.