Tips for A Costless Trip within Nepal

Money is everything, they say. The validity of this powerful statement is often the topic of discussion among us.

In its favor are mostly those who are aware of the balance overdose in their bank accounts.

Those speaking against this line mostly come from a financially struggling group of people.

No matter how much we discuss on this, we are never going to reach a conclusion.

Traveling is one of the aspects where money matters.

The implementation of this statement also varies on the basis of the types of travelers.

Travelers with a mind-blowing head may generate a costless trip anywhere.

Do you fancy a costless trip to Nepal? Well, we could help. Here is how you could implement this fantasy. This may take plenty of time though.


1. Start making videos that would promote Nepal

Tips for A Costless Trip within Nepal

Nepal is a country that relies heavily on tourism.

Tourism Industry has created most job opportunities in Nepal. Hence, Tourism Industry has helped itself into the realm of the nation’s priority.

Nepal launches many short term as well as long term programs in order to grow it further. ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ is the latest vision.

Nepal also values the outside help along with its own effort in such campaigns.

If your videos featuring Nepal contain influencing factors and has dragged enough audiences, you could be called in Nepal to join them.

Don’t worry about the accommodation and similar stuffs as they will look after them.


2. Be skillful

Tips for A Costless Trip within Nepal

Nepal is a big fan of Western music. The number of Nepalese whose phone memory lists Western song is getting higher.

The main cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara have numerous night clubs that serve western music from a cover artist.

A night club if aware of your talents via your YouTube channel or Facebook page may contact you.

You could be singing in front their audiences and could be touring Nepal for their sponsorship later.


3. As a player

Tips for A Costless Trip within Nepal

Another way to get access to Nepal for free is as a player.

Nepal continuously hosts many sporting events which value the participation of foreign players.

But not an ordinary one will be offered this opportunity. You should have the weight on your performance that make them feel your need.


4. Nepal wants mind-blowing minds

Nepal is a developing country. This nature gifted nation is currently in construction phase.

The cities like Kathmandu, Bhairahawa, Biratnagar, etc. are main business hubs. The investors are looking for business ideas here and there.

Do you have an idea that may contribute to their search? If yes, you won’t just be offered a free trip but also a job with attracting salaries.

The above mentioned points are too far to accomplish for most percentage of travelers, however. You might think these points are not applicable, as they take time. If you manage an up and down ticket and visa fees yourself, you can make a costless travel within Nepal. But these tips don’t come easy all the time.


1. For long trip, hitch-hike

You can walk for short distances. But, that can’t be implemented when you have to travel a long distance.

You can always wave your hand to a running truck for a lift. You can also consider hitch-hiking in a private car.

Nepalese are humble but you can be a victim of trust issues sometimes.


2. Use local houses as shelter

You can ask locals to provide you an accommodation.

Nepalese people are down-to-earth and humble for help. As Nepal is ready to embrace Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, you could be hardly denied.


3. Consider volunteering

There are many schools, under-construction hostels, etc. where you can contribute your time.

You will be offered a bed and bread for sure. You will earn few friends and some warm memories as well in your stay there.


4. Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an application that helps travelers meet locals.

More than a million travelers have been involved in this large family. Here, you could ask locals involved if they could host you.

You can share your stories with your hosts while they serve you as their beloved ones.


5. Make friends

Nepalese, as said earlier, are so attracted to foreign tourists.

You can see people approaching you just for a good conversation.

Don’t be surprised if they offer you a cup of coffee. They will be overwhelmed to have you in their house for a couple of days.


6. Offer your service

If nothing else works, you can offer your service to where you will stay and eat.

The service could be anything – from cleaning the dishes to doing laundry. You have to survive after all.

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