Pros and Cons of letting English be the Global Language

The abundant usage of English as the national wide language is continuously out shadowing its drawbacks.

English language often known as lingua franca has been contributing to the incessant increase of the economy for decades.

Being the third most spoken language in the world, English is the international language. It is all due to its efficiency and flexible way to communicate.

However, nowadays the corporate world has seen myriads of debates regarding the fate of English language in the business world.

There are debates going on the verge to determine whether the English language should be as the International Language. Or it should be eliminated in consideration for other languages.

People who support the idea of making English language global language argue it from the development point of view.

Other people who are against the idea express the many biases that entangle the linguistic from the societal perspective.

This article is all about perspective on what are the pros and cons of letting English be the international language.

Pros of Letting English be the Global Language:

Various multinational companies in the world are laying strategies for their employees to communicate in English language.

For instance, companies o like Samsung, Airbus and Microsoft are widely advocating English as the primary language for business.

Other foreign-based companies such as Renault and Rakuten are also seen encouraging their employees to learn English language as a means of trade.

Hence, some of the advantages of English as the global language of business includes the following:


Even though English is the third most spoken language in the world, most people prefer speaking English during their business.

In many nations, English is used as a second language after the native languages.

The great total of English speakers in the world today derived the conformity to this language uniformity.

Such uniformity means minimization of problems that may arise due to lack of communication due to English language.

Research Language

In many career research programs in the field of business and other careers, English remains as the primary language.

Apparently most international companies use English in various activities such as publishing, science, and technology advancement.

Many studied like English as a significant tool for passing on a message written in a particular research paper conveniently.

In fact, seventy-five percent of all emails in the world are usually written in English. While the rest is use of the other of the languages.


There are tons of companies who have achieved organizational success by adopting English language practices in their companies.

Apparently due to English language being efficient to use managers communicate with their employees using this language.

Hence, by making the communication clear and effective, it ultimately leads to better performance of the employees and the company.

For instance, a research was conducted on performance based on the theory of linguistics abilities in Western part of Africa.

The research revealed that English speaking nations are reliable and are more likely to operate with much integrity.

This includes all types of operations such as business ethics, organizational management and system than non-English speaking countries.

Cons of Letting English be the Global Language:

Despite of the fact that English is the ideal language for global business transactions, it also has lots of drawbacks.

The following are some of the drawbacks of making English language as the international language for doing business:

Disappearance of native languages

Use of English as a primary language for the global business transactions is most of the time linked with affirmative language preservation practice.

For instance, in counties where English is not the primary language, English is associated with the disappearance of native languages.

English is used everywhere from business advertisements, film industries to music. Du to this it is leading certain aspects of the world’s cultural diversity to an end.

Loss of cultural diversity

One of the biggest disadvantages of adopting English language as the primary language for global business transaction is loss of cultural diversity.

It is a threat to any organizational cultures and values hence, being threat to the overall country.

This is because, when organizations used English as the primary language, they forget certain factors concerning cultural diversity.

In such situation, organizations are likely to loose on some broad based cultural driven ideas from their employees.

Using English as the business language many be a short term joy but later can cause to a huge loss of authenticity of any business.

Supersession of social and ethnic identities

The use of English as a universal language in business acts as suppression of some of the social and identity values somehow.

Some people claim that people who speak English as their mother tongue will always have an upper hand towards the ascension of power.

This trend will create a language based Hierarchy in any organization which is not good for any business.

Such system of organizational governance will more often cause problems because some of the non-native English speakers will most of the time feel neglated.