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Pfand System : Deposit bottles to receive refund

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There is a bottle return scheme in Germany. You pay a deposit (Pfand) for the bottle when you buy specific items. You get your deposit back when you return the empty bottle. People are more likely to return their empty bottles as a result of this. After that, the empty bottles are reused or recycled.

Understanding the Pfand system is crucial when it comes to waste sorting in Germany. You will understand more about the pfand system after you’re done with this article.

How to identify Pfand bottles

Take a look at the bottle’s label. Pfand logos appear on certain bottles, while text appears on others. The logo or phrase is frequently shown near the barcode. It’s occasionally inscribed on the glass itself.

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How much is the deposit?

There are two kinds of deposit containers: single-use and multiple-use. Containers that have only been used once will be discarded and repurposed. Containers that can be used several times will be cleaned and reused.

  • Bottles with several uses (Mehrweg): 8 to 15 cents
  •  single-use (Einweg) bottles: 5 cents
Source: nabu.de

Types of bottles with deposits :

There is a deposit on these bottles. You can return them to any retailer where they are sold and receive a refund (pfand).

  • Bottles of beer
  • Bottles of soft drinks (glass or plastic)
  • Cans made of aluminum
  • Bottles of water (glass or plastic)
  • Containers for Landliebe yogurt
  • All Mehrweg (multi-use) containers

Types of bottles that don’t provide deposit :

These bottles can still be recycled, but there is no deposit on them. 

  • The majority of milk and juice bottles
  • The majority of wine bottles
  • Bottles bought in different countries
  • Grüne Punkt logo-emblazoned bottles

Where to return bottles in Germany?

When a company sells Pfand containers, it must also accept returns. In addition, it must accept containers from a variety of manufacturers, not simply the one it sells. A company cannot accept container kinds that it does not sell. Aldi and Lidl, for example, exclusively offer single-use (Einweg) bottles and will not take multiple-use bottles.

1) Look for a bottle return machine at supermarkets (Pfandautomat). 

They are either near the store’s entrance or in the back. The gadget will print a coupon. To receive your money returned, you must present the voucher at the cash register. 

Source: the guardian

2) Liquor shops (Getränkemarkt): This is the place to go if you have many bottles to return.

3) Spätis:

Spätis (a type of convenience store in Germany ) will take the bottles you purchased from them. They are not an ideal location for returning a large number of bottles.

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4 ) Charities: Some charity accepts bottle contributions. The easiest approach to locate them is through Pfandgeben.

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