Pearse Doherty: Everything About The Irish Sinn Féin politician


Pearse Doherty was born to an Irish family. Although they were Irish, he was born in Glasgow Scotland where his parents had migrated to, at that moment. His parents then migrated back to Ireland when he was 3 years old and started their lives there. For the Sinn Féin, Pearse Doherty is representing the financial agendas and has made numerous claims against insurance company scams in the past.

Pearse Doherty

At present, Pearse Doherty is a Sinn Féin Teachta Dála (TD) for Donegal, in Ireland. He claims to be from a very humble upbringing. His campaigns for the recent elections were based on how he has come from a struggling family. He claims to have understood growing up in a family that had to work hard to sustain themselves in the country.

Pearse Doherty’s personal life:

After Doherty’s parents returned from Glasgow, they settled at Gweedore. Since then, even he has grown his family in the same place. The 42-year-old politician lives a simple life with his family. He married Roisin who is a national school teacher with whom he has four sons. He says that all of his four sons are different and have their own quirks and individual personalities.

As a teenager, Doherty loved reading and his favorite writer was Bobby Sands. Bobby was a member of the Irish republican army. This also shows his sense of patriotism which had been engraved in him since childhood.

Pearse Doherty loves listening to music when he travels and has shown his love for music by Eve Belle.


Doherty Family car burnt into flames last December:

Recently, in December their family had a lucky escape from a car fire. Right after he had returned home from Dail to Gweedore, he saw his car burn to the ground.


They had only just gotten out of their car 10 minutes early right before it burst into flames. However, he doesn’t think that it was any kind of an attack against him and it was the car’s fault.

Pearse Doherty in insurance company’s rip-offs:

Pearse Doherty shared his own experience with the insurance premium with liberty insurance in Ireland. When he asked them for a better premium offer with his car insurance, they said it was the best they could do.

Despite the fact that he had been a loyal customer for 10 years, they couldn’t offer him better. However, when he entered a similar detail on their own website, the premium could be reduced by 33 percent. So, he explains how these companies are ripping customers off.

Doherty’s Influence from his family:

Pearse Doherty said ” Mum and dad had a huge influence over my life. They were just ordinary people; hardworking people” in a video for his election campaign. Even though they weren’t extraordinary, he says that they were an inspiration and hero to him.

Pearse Doherty
Photo: irishsmokefill.com
Deputy Pearse Doherty, Cllr. Martin Kenny and Cllr. Paul Hogan

His mother worked in different jobs just to sustain themselves and their family. He believes that his family’s experience has shaped him. It’s a very nice thing to hear the raw story coming from the heart of a politician. Perhaps this is what helped the Sinn Féin party succeed in the current elections.

Pearse Doherty’s Education:

As opposing as it may sound, Doherty actually completed his education in civil engineering. He completed a 2 years degree from Dublin Institute of Technology in 1996, which qualified him to work as a civil engineer technician. As a result, he didn’t complete his third year at college and started to work instead. Although he enrolled at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology to complete his further education, he dropped out of it before completion.

Pearse Doherty’s Professional career in politics:

After discontinuing his education in engineering during 2002, he ran for the general elections. However, he couldn’t grab his seat after repeatedly trying even until the 2010 elections.

Photo: rte.ie
Pearse Dohotry elected during 2010

There had been a case where the government had failed to fill the vacant seat left by Pat “the Cope” Gallagher although he was qualified for the post. Finally, in 2010 he was elected by first preference vote as a Sinn Féin candidate.

Pearse Doherty’s share of controversies:

As with any politician, he has had his own share of controversies. Many Irish new papers claimed that Doherty had falsely claimed the completion of his engineering degree. However, he insisted people to believe that he had always been upfront about his career in engineering and hid nothing from the people.

Photo: Eolas magazine
Pearse Doherty

Additionally, he had also been accused of using money wrongly at the party. People claimed he used the travel money to hire part-time party workers instead of returning it to the Oireachtas.

How did Doherty start his career in the party:

He had previously already been associated with the Sinn Féin party before that. Doherty was one of the founding members of Sinn Féin Republican Youth and has served as a national executive since 1996.