Modern Day Problems

modern day problems

Ever since life existed on Earth, it is filled with many obstacles and problems. And for centuries, people are tackling them the best way possible.

Coming into the 21st century, we might not have fears like the British taking over foreign lands or slavery. The modern-day problems might be a little different but is still very important.

When I talk about modern-day problems, I don’t mean which Kardashian-Jenner sister has more money or what to wear at Coachella.

I mean that deep-rooted problem that is going around for decades and still isn’t solved despite all the advancement in everything.

There are so many problems people easily avoid or ignore sometimes blaming on the tradition or saying that’s how it works.

The most disturbing thing is that we’ve all become modern-day slaves to technology and simplicity.

But that’s not it there are problems that are far beyond personal. It attacks humanity as a whole. Yet, there are only a handful of people concerned about it.

Here are seven modern day problems and how do we solve it.


Climate Change.

It doesn’t matter if Donald J. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and call it fake news. It’s very much real and we’re facing the consequences of ignorance.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Survey 2017, 45.2% millennials believe climate change is a real phenomenon and the greatest threat to the Earth.

Climate change is something that is happening for decades and we can only blame ourselves for it. It is because of us (humans) that the temperature of the Earth is fluctuating gradually.

The mountains and glaciers are melting and there are animals going extinct everywhere.

And we’re the ones to blame for all this. This is the outcome of our selfishness and greed.

The only way we can solve this issue is if each and every human being on this planet become responsible.

We need to avoid all the activities that lead to global warming and the destruction of our only home.

For example, using plastics, emitting too much carbon into the atmosphere, etc.

It’s not too late to save the planet we call home and make it a better place to live for the future generation.


Government Accountability/Transparency/Corruption.

modern day problems

There is no doubt that cruel and greedy people ready to sell their souls for money fills the earth we live in.

And it’s even worse to know that these are the people running nations and the whole world.

Because of corrupt politicians and government, most countries in the world are facing problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

These people are giving a bad name to politics and making less and less youth interested and involved.

Money is so important that the government willingly sells their country to other powerful nations.

And as citizens, they deprive us of our right to know what’s going on in the country.

In reality, people make the government. So, it is up to us to know and to choose the correct candidate to represent the nation.



modern day problems

Another fear that the modern-day people have is lack of employment.

The world basically runs on money. But the economy is so messed up it’s hard for most people to even get a decent job.

What worries most youths is that they can’t afford the lifestyle they aspire to live because they’re unemployed.

And even if they are employed, it’s hard for them to earn enough money and live a good life.

Most of them don’t have proper training and experience to do a certain job which is one of the biggest problems.

This leads to poverty which affects the economy furthermore.

The only solution to unemployment is to encourage people to build up their skills and talents and be self-employed.

We can give practical knowledge to students and train them for the future beforehand.

It’s also important to support local businesses and encourage the use of local products instead of importing.


Lack of Fulfillment of Basic Needs.

modern day problems

It’s shocking as well as disappointing to know that people around the world are still don’t have their basic needs and rights.

There are people in this world who still don’t get to eat proper food or have access to drinking water.

People, mostly women, and young girls still stay at home working instead of going to get an education.

Women, men, and children are still abducted, raped, and killed all around the world increasing fear of security among us all.

These are the basic rights and needs of people that coming into the 21st century, shouldn’t be something that should worry people. However, it still is a cause for concern.

And the only way to eliminate it is by choosing the right government authorities willing to work for the good of people and nation.


Religious Conflicts/Wars/Inequality.

modern day problems

When we say it’s the 21st century, we tend to think that the world has come a long way from all the wars and conflicts of the past.

Yet, here we are fighting over power and authority all the while forgetting humanity.

Religious conflict is probably one of the biggest modern day problems. There are people committing hate crimes and promoting terrorism in the name of religion.

Wars going around the world for various reasons, most of which is to establish power and superiority.

There are still people who don’t get an equal opportunity just because they don’t belong to the superior gender.

Women and the people of the LGBTQ community are still don’t get equal rights and freedom.

The only solution to this problem is spreading awareness to the people. Empowering everyone on the importance of equality, peace, and freedom.


Social Media Slaves.

modern day problems

Whether we like it or not, we’ve all become social media slaves. There is nothing we can do to avoid it.

We’re hooked to social media to the point where we’re all addicted.

Social media has influenced people in such a huge scale that it’s impossible to take control anymore.

Today, it’s more important to look like you’re enjoying your life, rather than actually enjoying it.

Living a pretentious and fake life is the new trend. And we’re all the victims as well as the creators of this modern day problem.

You can’t help but post where you are, what you’re doing, the food you ate and the places you visited on social media.

You’re trying to make sure that people see and get jealous of your activities.

We never realize the impact we’re setting for other people while putting our personal life on display.

The only way out of this modern-day slavery is to control yourself. You know you are stronger than what someone else assumes. And untying yourself from this social media muddle is the only way to save yourself.



modern day problems

One of the biggest modern day problems is how we’re all attracted to and obsessed with material things.

We all want to look and feel good. A nice house, fancy cars, and a hefty bank balance are what we all dream about.

We want bodies like the models while also being able to eat like an unsupervised kid.

We have so many expectations with life yet we’re not willing to work hard for it. And the media completely brainwashes us to the point where we’re miserable and hate our life for not having it all.

The only solution to this is, knowing the reality. We should all know that life isn’t what TV shows and films show us. It isn’t the perfect magazine covers and interviews of celebrities we aspire to be.

It is so much more than material things and materialism. And until and unless we don’t realize it, it’s going to leave us all in the darkness.

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