The Real Meaning of Gender Equality

meaning of Gender Equality

Lately, there has been a lot of posts in social media arguing about gender equality. When it comes to gender equality, people often talk about giving equal opportunities to women as to men.

Many people seem to believe that gender equality means male and female being equal. But, that doesn’t anywhere count or include anything about transgender people.

The real meaning of gender equality is being supportive of every gender and always being equal.

Gender equality is when everyone including male, female, and transgender enjoy the same privileges and chances across all the sectors.

Gender equality means that the different behavior, aspirations and needs of every gender are considered and valued equally.

It doesn’t mean that every gender has to be same. But their rights and responsibilities will not depend on the way they are born.

Gender equality means fairness of treatment for all kinds of gender, according to their respective needs and wants.

You are not for gender equality if you look down on genders that are different from the cliche male and female. Also, you are not for gender equality if you label yourself a feminist and still put down any gender that is not female.

You are not true feminist if you continually bash others genders in order to make females seem more superior to them, and same goes for other genders.

Gender equality is believing that every gender is equivalent to each other no matter whether the person is a male, female, gender fluid, or anything else.


So what should we do make this happen?



In order to change the misconception about gender equality among the people, we need to start from the very beginning. To make this happen, education plays an enormous role by not biasing children at an early age and by showing that fairness has no gender or color. We also need to make some efforts on our behalf to understand the role and importance of gender equality in our lives.



Awareness is also essential to start switching our perception and leading by example. By being aware of our daily action that might not be fair, we let the room for actions and dialogues. Whether instilled by our culture, education, role models, backgrounds, or religion, we need to be aware about everything happening regarding gender equality.


Government Support

It is a huge role of government officials to ensure that gender equality becomes the reality of the world. They need to have the courage to stand up for what is right rather than for what gives the most money. It is a global issue going around the world, where a little bit from the government’s side can mean a lot. Government needs to make strict laws that does not do partiality among any gender.



If we witness unacceptable behavior that goes against the values of gender equality, we are free to speak. Indignation is a powerful social pressure tool and behavior change maker as long as it is used in a constructive manner.


Gender equality is not a battle of the past. It is today’s battle for a better tomorrow. So, instead of fearing women taking away men’s rights or vice versa, both should embrace each other’s presence. Every gender should see this as a completion of the whole.