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katherine Morel Accident: Canadian Equestrian Rider Along With Her Horse Dies at 33 In An Accident At Florida Competition

katherine Morel

As per Equestrian Canada (EC), Katherine Morel and her horse, Kerry On, died due to the accident caused by a fall in competition at Florida. In particular, both Katherine and her Mare suffered a rotational fall during the Rocking Horse Winter III Horse Trials. Additionally, the accident occurred at fence eight of the intermediate level cross-country course of the competition.

33-year-old Katherine Morel succumbed to her injuries after suffering a rotational fall
33-year-old Katherine Morel succumbed to her injuries after suffering a rotational fall

As soon as the accident occurred, Katherine was rushed to the nearest hospital Waterman Hospital in Tavares, Florida from Lake County Emergency Medical Services. Unfortunately, she couldn’t resist the injuries, resulting in a death at the young age of 33 on 29th Feb 2020. On the other hand, her horse Kerry On suffered fatal injuries who immediately died after the accident.

Cause of Accident: Rotational Fall

When the horse summersaults before falling on its back, a rotational fall occurs. A variety of factors, including ground condition, rider experience, horse experience, jumping styles, undertakings before fall and/or location on the scoring map, can increase the likelihood of a fall.

Horse Somersault
Horse Somersault, Source: The Telegraph

As per the critics, this type of accident is generally the most dangerous fall people ever see in equestrian sport. As a result of rotational falls, the victim often has very serious injuries which can be life-threating. In particular, Rotational Fall is one of the leading causes of the death of Equestrians.

Not only, Katherine Morel, but the Equestrians such as  Olivia Inglis, Caitlyn Fischer, Caroline Pratt and many more also have been the victim of the Rotational fall. One of the survivors of the accident, Tabitha Hope, has a video on her YouTube channel which has a description as:

The day I should have died…. story time… the most frequently asked question I get.”

Being concerned about the accident, Equestrian Canada released the statement saying:

EC will work closely in cooperation with our sister federation, US Equestrian, to investigate the fall and continue developing methods to improve safety for riders and horses alike.

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Katherine Morel Death: How EC High-Performance Director, James Hood Reacted About The Accident?

Well, life is uncertain and we are unfortunate to write about the death of rising horse rider, Katherine Morel. Many of her fans, followers, and admirers have reacted with the heavy heart, admitting that Katherine’s death is a great loss in the equestrian world.

EC High-Performance Director, James Hood, sadly reacted saying:

Today, the equestrian industry lost not just an exceptional athlete, but an exceptional person, as well as the horse she loved,

He added:

On behalf of EC, I extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Katharine, as well as to the entire team who surrounded Kerry On.

Hood also said that:

Katharine was just entering onto our radar of international events,” and was working her way toward competing for a spot on the national team.

Not only James Hood reacted about the accident, but her fans and followers are also actively involved in tributing her. May her soul rest in peace.

Katherine Morel Relationship With Her Horse, Kerry On

When she was three years old, Ms. Morel met Kerry On and the pair worked together to level up, making their FEI debut in 2019.

In one of her interviews she said:

I came upon a three-year-old thoroughbred mare named Kerry On. She was a horse who wasn’t racing well

Further continuing, she said, “She just wasn’t a runner

After working out together for many years, Morel once said Kerry was fit to go after a few training sessions. Since then, Morel and her thoroughbred, the horse became the strongest Canadian horse rider in the Florida winter circuit. Also, the duo was the top Canadian rider as well as a top Canadian horse for their division on the tour.

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