How to Manage Family Bond While You’re Staying at Home

How to Manage Family Bond While You're Staying at Home

Time has come to make some memorable moments with your dear family. When the situation calls for social distance and staying away from the outside world, we need to create an incredible bond with the people you care about. Moreover, we need to interlock with those people who are living in a home. So how can we build strong family bonds while staying at home? Staying home in isolation for a long period of time can be frustrating. Especially, when we stick up in a room privately rather than coping up with other family members.

Making an effort to spend blissful time in a circle with the family really boosts the cooperation. Sitting alone in the room surrounded by different electronic devices is not family time. Family bonding will be strengthened if you share and take ideas from each other. Here are some of the key ideas which you might be familiar with, well if you do not know stick to the topic to the end.

Positive communication and family relationships

Positive communication is more about being truly engaged and making time to listening to each other. Moreover, if you have positive communication in the family circle, it helps to strengthen out the relationship and family bond.

communicating with family members, Source: Aspired Living in Prospect
communicating with family members, Source: Aspired Living in Prospect

Use these simple positive communication keys to build your family relationship

  1. When your kids or partner want to talk during the isolation, stop what you are doing right and listen to your close one with full attention. Also, give time to express their point of feeling. However, in many cases, you might need not to talk – especially if they share dumb ideas.
  2. Forever be ready for spontaneous conversation. For example, teenager often tends to talk through their feelings which might be interesting. Listen to the kinesthetic thinker if you have anyone in the house.
  3.  Show appreciation, encouragement, and love through affection and word, rather than a hatred communication.
  4.   Take out the difficult things such as admitting the mistakes and cope up with your brother and sister neglecting anger, joy, frustration, fear, and anxiety.

Create Photo Albums and share with family

If you are like most of the population, you probably have lots of collection of photos as well as physical albums. Moreover, it is common that our generation always had photo albums. I can go to my parent’s home and still find the least 40 albums and look for the lives of my childhood and my parents.

Sharing photo with family members, Source: The Telegraph
Sharing photos with family members, Source: The Telegraph

Looking back at the past ten years of your life sharing a laugh really boosts your family bond. Do you have a collection of photos of the place you been, which stored somewhere digitally on your phone, or on a computer? If you do then bring it back and share it with your brother and sister.

The family should be involved in the process no matter what choice you make. I like tangible images and traditional records, or simple scrap-booking (no frills), just like my kids do. Albums are available in all three formats. Whatever method you want to do you can include the entire family in the process of development.

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Indoor Camping with Sheet Forts

Have you ever remained in the sheet fort? Well, if not you should really try this one. Sheet forts are kind of memory that every child has done at some year of their time. If your child doesn’t have any sheet fort memories than now is the real-time to start making some memories and family bonds.

Sheet forts and indoor campaign, Source: Pinterest
Sheet forts and indoor campaign, Source: Pinterest

All you need is some bigger and wider sheets. Moreover, it would be perfectly fine if you use a chair. First of all, Make 2 rows of chairs with the backs facing each other. Chairs are a comfortable option because their back provides a high fort ceiling. Place the rows in front of a sofa, bed, or wall if you want to enclose the fort to the back. Depending on the size of your blanket, space the rows of chairs 4 to 6 ft (1.2 to 1.8 m) apart.

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Bake or Cook Together with Family

Staying at home is a great opportunity to bake or cook and be in a company with family members. If you have a special recipe that you want to teach you kids than now its the perfect time to do that.

Cooking together with family members, Source: Camp Shane
Cooking together with family members, Source: Camp Shane

If you have the grandma’s apple pie recipe that has been passed down for decades, making it with your kids will be a fun time. You can use the time to speak to you about your ancestors, your family’s history and maybe the significance of the recipe.

After making a special dessert or dish with your family, it will also have special significance for them. They will be able to recall the time with you when they made the unique concoction and the memories you made from that day.

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