Gestational Diabetes Diet Plan; Foods To Eat And Avoid

gestational diabetes diet plan

If you have gestational diabetes, you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet without the need for medication. In general, the right combination of carbohydrates and fats should include a protein plus diet. It’s important to maintain a proper diet plan during Gestational Diabetes to avoid negative consequences.

Ignorance of his disease may cause the complication in the baby’s health, such as excessive birth weight and respiratory distress syndrome. Also, the mother might have type 2 diabetes later in her life due to Gestational Diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes in women while they are pregnant. A pregnant woman’s blood sugar increased in high amounts in the disease. It also occurs after the first quarter and fixes immediately after the baby’s birth. She, however, should be under expert supervision.

Now, if you want to know about the diet plan for gestational diabetes, then stick with us till the end.

Nutrients To Include In Diet Plan; Required For Body

Go around protein to sustain your meals. Include plenty of fresh food and raising your consumption. A guide, namely MyPlate, is offered by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to help you learn how to make your food a nutritious plate. Of starters, 25% protein, 25% starch, 50% non-starchy foods such as vegetables or salads should be used in any meal.

Nutrients To Include In Diet Plan
Nutrients To Include In Diet Plan
Source: Everyday Health

These are general diabetes diet plan instructions. Please talk to your physician or dietitian if you have been hospitalized with gestational diabetes. A customized meal plan and other relevant instructions can be given to you.

What Can You Eat?

Lunch and heavy courses should exclude carbohydrates to a certain extent. Further, the food should be rich in proteins as it would be good for the baby and the mother’s health. Well, we’ve collected some food that you can consume if you have gestational diabetes at lunch.

foods to eat during Gestational Diabetes
foods to eat during Gestational Diabetes
Source: diabetestreatmentguide
  • Poultry: No doubts, chicken is highly nutritious and rich in nutrition. Skinless breasts and thighs are the best for consumption. We cannot forget about eggs. Eggs are considered to be a whole protein. Egg whites are the best.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are generally suitable for health. Further, go for green vegetables and do not fry it any cost. Also, you can have salads.
  • Fruits: You can still have fruits as your dietician suggests to you. Further, you need to count your carbohydrates by the amount of your food consumption.
  • Fish (avoid fried food)
  • Wholemeal oats, cereals or porridge.
  • Unsweetened yogurt or smoothies.
  • Cereals and pulses are also considered to be rich in protein.

Do Not Eat These Foods

You need to avoid that food, which is high on carbohydrates and fats on your diet plan. Further, you should avoid processed foods like pizza, burgers, hot dogs, white bread, bakery items, etc. in general.

Gestational Diabetes Diet plan
Avoid high carb diet during Gestational Diabetes
Source: Healthline

Here are some foods and beverages which you need to avoid during your diabetes phase completely.

  • Fried items: Foods that are fried should be avoided completely. You should avoid frying veggies, meat, eggs, etc.
  • Bakery: Bakery items such as cakes, pastries, bread (white), muffins, buns, etc. should be avoided. Those items are high on sugars, so they should be avoided.
  • Processed Foods: Processed foods like ice cream chocolate, cakes, cookies, noodles, etc. should be banned entirely.
  • Alcohol: If you don’t know, then you must be aware that alcohol should be discarded. A glass of wine contains the same amount of carbs that are accumulated in a piece of chocolate. Also, beer, rum, whiskey includes a right amount of carbs that may not be good for you and your baby’s health.

Your Diet Plan Shouldn’t Contain Sugar

The main thing you need to include in your diet plan is discarding a sugar. Further, we know it can be challenging to cut down sugar at the outset, but small, realistic swaps are a good beginning. So here are some points you can follow:

  • Swap sucrose foods, energy drinks, and fruits, or coffee or decaffeinated tea with sugar, or plain or semi-skimmed milk.
  • Instead of using sugar, consider low or zero-calorie sweeteners, also called sweeteners. Removal of these free sugars will help you manage the level of blood sugar.
  • On the food label, know the other sugar words. For example, Sugar, glucose, dextrose, fructose, lactose, maltose, honey, invert sugar, syrup, corn sweetener, or blisters are all ingredients.

So these are the foods that you can and cannot eat during pregnancy along with gestational diabetes. Also, the diets, as mentioned above, are said in general. Therefore, consult a dietician or your doctor for a specific consumption of food.