Everything About The ‘Anti-Greta’ Teen Activist, Naomi Seibt: Her View In Climate Change

The image of Naomi Seibt

The teen activist, Naomi Seibt is now widely recognized as ‘Anti-Greta’ who has totally opposite views about climate change than the Swedish climate protection activist, Greta Thunberg. Naomi herself is a climate alarmist and has worked for the pseudo-scientific American lobby group, Heartland Institute. Naomi rose to fame as a German YouTuber who has amassed over 53k subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

The young climate influencer, Naomi has spread climate protection measures to prevent through her videos on her YouTube channel. Her organization, Heartland Institute fights an energy transition globally. The 19 years old climate activist has three videos on her channel where she talks about man-made climate change. Let’s find in detail about the life of Naomi Seibt with her views on Climate Change. How she went to become ‘Anti-Greta’?

Early Life & Education of Naomi Seibt

Naomi Seibt was born on 18th August 2000 in Germany to her lawyer mother, Karoline Seibt. Since she has not revealed much about her parents, she went to St. Mauritz School. Naomi was a talented girl since her tender age and arrived first place in the competition youth researches in physics. She graduated from high school at the age of 16 in 2017.

The picture of Naomi Seibt
The picture of Naomi Seibt
Image Source: Front Page Live

Moreover, Naomi received a degree in BA (Business Administration) and began studying psychology. She is currently working with Heartland Institute, a pseudo-scientific American lobby group which she joined in 2020. The institute denies man-man climate change and focuses on energy transition globally.

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Professional Life: YouTube Career

The environmental activist, Naomi Seibt created her YouTube channel in May 2019. Her channel has received donations from subscribers. As she is working for the Heartland Institue, she makes videos that talk about climate protection measures to prevent. She is also a member of the Junge Alternative fur Deutschland. In one of her YouTube videos titled, ‘How Dare You’, Naomi emphasized the research by ZDF and Correctiv with a reference of Greta Thunberg.

Her other two videos on her YouTube channel are such as ‘I WANT TO YOU TO THINK’  and ANTI-GRETA or PRO HUMAN?. At present, Naomi has over 53k subscribers on her YouTube channel which is increasing every day. In the year 2017, a publicist and Roman Catholic theologian, David Berger supported Naomi to publish a guest post on the topic of ‘nationalism’.

Watch one of her videos on her YouTube channel, take a short look!!!


How Naomi Seibt Went to Become an ‘Anti-Greta’?

Naomi Seibt, who herself states as a climate alarmist, has raised questions about many things; feminism, cultural socialism, and 99% fairy tale about man-made climate change. During her lecture at the ‘Climate Reality Forum’ in December 2019, many people criticized her thinking on the current climate change and its consequences.

Naomi Seibt is labled as Anti-Greta
Naomi Seibt is labeled as Anti-Greta
Image Source: Sott

Matter of fact, Naomi was accused of being a ‘puppet of climate skeptics’. She was also invited for a lecture before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2020 in the United States. Listening to her videos, she talks opposite to Greta Thunberg on climate change, for which she is referred to as ‘Anti-Greta’ by several social media. Whereas, Greta tells ‘We Don’t Have Much Time’ to make positive changes on climate.

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Interesting Facts About Naomi Seibt

  • Naomi Seibt is also called ‘Anti-Thurnberg’.
  • She openly shares her beliefs to the public following the right to speech.
  • Despite her teenage, she is concerned about global issues.
  • The motto of her life is ‘Don’t Give Up’.
  • Seibt is active on different social media i.e. Facebook, YouTube, and Telegram.