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7 Human Activities That Are Destroying the Environment

global warming

We have become so reckless in our actions.

The things that we use in our daily lives are very harmful.

These activities have impact on the environment. We haven’t realized how much we are harming our environment.

However, with all the coverage about global warming and climate change we must be aware of it now.

The human activities that are destroying the environment.

Thus, it should be minimized. So, in order to understand what is causing it, go through the list below:



global warming

The population of the world has reached more than seven billion today.

In the earlier days, surviving was the main goal of people.

With the introduction of vaccination and antibiotics, the average lifespan of a human being has gone up.

Science has been a help in keeping humans alive for longer.

But due to this, our earth is over crowded. Currently, the waste that we create are almost unmanageable.

People need resources to stay alive. So, they are cutting down trees.

They are over consuming fish and meat. We have also increased the carbon emission.


2. Pollution causes global warming and climate change:

human activities destroying environment

Pollution has increased very much at present. It is caused by the human activities and it is destroying the environment.

It has affected almost every country in the world. There is trash everywhere. People have no idea how to recycle.

However, they are continuously using plastic. Global warming is the best example of our irresponsibility.

There are many types of pollution that is noticed. For instance:


Water Pollution:

There is tons of plastic in the ocean. Sharks, whale, sea turtles and sea animals are having a huge problem due to this.

Many animals have died because of the plastic waste.

Not only plastic but oil spills have also been another reason.

In smaller countries, throwing the waste out in the rivers have made them lose their source of water.


Air Pollution:

Air pollution has become a huge problem right now.

There are several causes of air pollution. But most of these causes are the result of human activities itself.

Manufacturing industries release pollutant during production of goods and services.

This has also become another cause for global warming. Air pollution causes ozone layer depletion.

Although ozone is very important to protect us from the sun rays, it feels like we don’t really care about it.

human activities destroying environment


Land Pollution:

There are landfills in almost all of the countries.

The waste that cannot be decomposed is dumped in a landfill.

Most of these waste cannot be recycled. Many countries still don’t have the technology required to dispose these wastes.

This is also one of the causes of global warming.

Global warming


3. Farming:

Because the population of the world has increased so rapidly, the food requirement has also increased.

In order to grow food for the people, we are clearing up more and more trees.

Without thinking about how this will impact us.

The increase in population has also increased the demand for agricultural land.

In order to get this land we are chopping trees. And the reduction in the number of trees due to human activities is destroying the environment.


4. Meat Production and Poultry causes global warming:

global warming

The meat industry had grown to 945 Billion US dollar by 2018.

At this rate of growth, the pollution cause by this industry has gone so high.

Meat industry is one of the largest methane emissions in the world.

This contributes a lot to global warming. Many people don’t even have an idea on how much impact this is making to the environment.


5. Manufacturing Industry:

Today, the manufacturing industry involves all kinds of production like food, paper, rubber materials, plastic, equipment, furniture and so many more.

Due to the increase in the population, the demand for each and every good has risen significantly.

At the same time, the world is moving towards better standard of living.

This also means that the production will increase over time.

All the industries inside manufacturing sector cause pollution in one form or the other.

It is necessary that we limit the consumption if we really want to save the earth.

Human activities that has been destroying the environment for so long needs to be controlled now.


6. Energy Industry:

human activities destroying environment

There are so many countries actively involved in the extraction, production and sale of energy.

Among these, the most harmful one is the petroleum industry.

Not only does it cause harm during its production but it has equal impact during its transportation.

Similarly, using such fuels is another way of destroying the environment.

This is clearly one of the most harmful human activities that destroys the environment.


7. Travel destroying the environment:

human activities destroying environment

Most of us don’t realise this but we harm the environment even while travelling.

One of the major ways is through the pollution caused during the travel.

You can always use ways in which the pollution that you cause are minimized.

Greta Thunberg is one of the best examples to learn from.

This is high time that we control our actions.

Global warming has become the most important topic to be tackled.

We might not be able to do it at once. However, this alarming situation should be dealt with cooperation and humility.

After all we don’t want human race to be just another extinct form of life in the future.