Environmental Benefits of Veganism

benefits of veganism

Most people go vegan because they love animals. But apart from animal welfare, people go vegan for to improve their health as well as to protect the environment.

Eating vegan diet could be the best way to reduce environmental impact on earth.

Researchers at Oxford University found out that cutting meat and dairy products helps in reducing carbon footprint from food by 73 per cent.

Veganism saves the environment. The question is are you brave enough to become vegan and save the environment?

Here’s some environmental benefits of veganism you should know:


Cuts the Greenhouse Gas Emission

One of the most important and known environmental benefits of veganism is cutting the greenhouse gas emission.

We know that our climate is shifting, and our planet is getting warmer.

The impact of animal agriculture on greenhouse gas emissions goes a lot further than just cows producing methane gas.

Production of meat requires vast amount of energy.

Not only crops needs to be produced to feed the animals, but fossil fuels are also burnt in the raising.

Livestock and products produced by them account 51 per cent of annul worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.


Reduces Energy Consumption

During the lifetime of the animals, they consume mass amount of food grown on the land.

Also, meat products needs to be shipped and refrigerated before reaching to the consumers.

Non-veg takes a long time to get produced and processed whereas, veg based protein can be raised using about eight times less energy cost than non-veg products.


Enhances Human Health

There’s no doubt that human have countless health issues.

However, it is often seen that non-veg people suffer from diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other complications more than vegan ones.

Changing to being vegan will automatically mean a healthier diet and improves food quality.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils and other vegan foods are crucial factors for better diet.


Preserves Habitats and Species

Eating animals is the largest contributor of habitat loss and extension. Producing meat requires large amount of land.

Every time while raising animals, it requires a rain forest equivalent to a football field.

Overall, it is estimated that raising animals requires three times more land than growing plants.

Secondly, poor waste management of animals are polluting our environment and destroying the habitats.

Hence, moving to being vegan can help a lot in preserving the habitats and species.


Conserves Water

Millions of people don’t have access to clean water. They struggle with periodic water scarcity because of drought and mismanagement of water.

Only 2.5% of all water on our planet is fresh water.

It takes 2,400 gallons of water to produce just a single pound of a beef whereas, only 25 gallons to produce a pound of wheat.

Food choice have a very big impact on water demand. Unlike the majority vegan food, raising animals requires massive amount of water.

This is because animals need water to drink, wash and clean themselves.


Improves Soil Quality

Mass deforestation is often a result of our need for more livestock and meat.

We destroy several land very minute to make more room for farmed animals and raising them.

If this continues for long, the trees will no longer provide nutrition for the soil.

Hence, raising diverse plants and being vegan instead a meat will nourish the soil and lead to healthier soil around the world.


Allows Ethical Treatment of the Creatures

Not only the humans, but the animals also deserve to be treated with respect.

Animals also deserve proper treatment too. Most people agree that it is not right for any creature to suffer from the time they get born.

You will be improving the environment with the knowledge that you’re eating habits are more ethical and kind for very individual sharing this planet.

If you start moving towards being a vegan, you will definitely start treating the environment and all its residents in a different and better way.

So, without any delay start making a chance for betterment of your health and for the betterment of the environment.