Easy Crafts to Make Under 10 Minutes for Kids

Easy Crafts

In this article, we will discuss an easy and exciting list of 10-Minute crafts for kids. If you have any experience with handling children, you will know just how hard it is to keep them entertained. They have such a short attention span that no matter what you do, they will always complain about how bored they are. And they will complain about it to you consistently without any break. If only we as adults had that much consistency in things, we could achieve so much.

Anyway, an excellent way to keep kids entertained would be involving them in crafts. This helps kids to stay focused on one thing and will keep them busy even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Making crafts could also be a good way to bond with kids. Here given is the list of crafts that you can do with kids. It doesn’t matter if you are a mom, aunt, dad, or uncle, we have got you covered.

1. Paper pinwheel

Easy crafts
Paper Pin Wheels
Source: First Palette

Before the invention of the fidget spinners, there was the paper pinwheel. And honestly, we feel like paper pinwheels are so much cooler than fidget spinners. It’s a craft that never gets old and will forever be loved by kids of every generation. Even as an adult, it’s pretty fun to make this. Making this does not require a lot of stuff, just some paper and sticks.

2) DIY cardboard marble run

Easy crafts to make
DIY Marble Run
Source: Craft Ideas

If there is anything better than making a craft, it’s a craft that keeps your child busy after finishing up the craft. DIY cardboard marble run is very easy to make that your child can make for themselves and enjoy playing it. A good thing about kids is it doesn’t take a lot for them to be entertained.

A thing as simple as marbles can keep them entertained. To make this, you need glue/tape, scissors, and a stash of leftover toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

3) Recycled Milk jug watering can

DIY Milk Jug Watering
DIY Milk Jug Watering Can
Source: My kid craft

Recycling is a skill that we should be teaching to everyone, including our kids. The world is in a fragile condition, and teaching the next generation of kids about recycling can be the very best thing that we can do.

Every one of us has that one milk jug that has been lying around in the kitchen with no use. Teach your kid to make something interesting out of it. It’s an easy craft that can come handy as well.

4) Tape Resist Art

easy craft
Tape resist art
Source: The art 123

Tape resist art is easy to make a beautiful looking art piece that any kid would be proud of. It just looks so cool, and your young one will think it’s magic. You can use watercolor or oil color to make this one.

Bring out a paper and make random shapes or just a fun pattern by taping them. Then, splash as much color as you want. It will end up looking like a masterpiece, which is just an easy craft to make.

5) Magnetic cardboard tic tac toe

Tic tac toe is a classic board game that everyone from kids to adults enjoys playing. While playing it on paper is fun, playing it on a board with magnets that you can move around is more fun.

Recycle the waste cardboards that you have around your home. Cut them up in pieces and paste magnets in them with some glue. You can make this with your kid less than 10 minutes and can play with them afterward for as long as you want. It’s a classic easy to make the craft.

6) Easy DIY caterpillar craft

DIY Caterpillar Craft
Source: The spruce crafts

Kids love caterpillar as long as they are not real. DIY caterpillar craft is easy to make a cute craft that your kids might enjoy it. You don’t need much to make these. Just bring in some paper, scissors, glue, and some googly eyes.

Cut the paper stripes and make a ring out of them. Join the rings together and paste those googly eyes on them. And Tada! Your DIY caterpillar craft is ready.

7) Glitter counting sticks

Anything sparkling will always be every kid’s favorite. Make glitter counting sticks with the ice cream sticks that kids seem to collect for no reason at all. Just mix glitter with glue and put some drops of it on the sticks. Write numbers on the end of the sticks. This will help kids to remember their numbers well without being bored.

All these crafts are very much comfortable to create. The best thing about this is that it does not require a fancy tool to make. Everything on this list can be made with simple DIY methods. We hope you will try these out and love them!