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DIY Christmas Gifts: Easy Ideas To Saves Your Money

We all want to gift presents to our loved ones during holidays.

But sometimes the pressure of trying to find out something that they might like is difficult.

Also it is not very cheap and it might burden you. So, here are a few easy craft ideas that you can use.

These DIY christmas gift ideas will make your loved ones happy. These Christmas crafts gives out warm vibes.


A Wrapped up Choco Chips Bread

The cold weather calls for warm and cozy food. The best food is the choco breads during the winter.

These choco chips bread are very simple to make. Plus these breads only need like 5 ingredients to make.

In the end you can wraps your gifts with ribbons and strings.

This DIY wrapped up christmas gift will make them happy.


DIY Chunky Blankets

DIY blanket

Everybody loves cozy knitted blankets. During the cold harsh winter, there couldn’t be a better gift than this.

These blankets are super easy to make and are durable.

There are several colors and patterns that you can use to personalize your craft.

You can also design it and make it as big as you want.


Paper Lanterns

DIY Crafts

DIY paper lanterns crafts are an easy way of decorating your home.

The paper lanterns are warm and give out a cozy vibe.

If your loved ones like lightings and cute decorations, this might be it.

You can use several colors and bulbs as you like.


Oven Mitts


If you want easy craft ideas for your christmas gifts and you can sew, go ahead or you can also knit.

Furthermore, you can use your own cute designs.

Since, everyone is going to need the gloves in the holidays, this DIY project could be so loved.


Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a block of scented aromatic candles?

Unless you’re gifting it to a kid, this DIY craft will be so appreciated by your loved ones.

You can use any scents or herbs and essential oils.

These christmas gifts can be wrapped with strings or you can fill it up in a used glass jar.

There’s no way anyone won’t like this cute gift.


Sugar Scrubs


Winter also calls for dry and rough skin.

So, you can use the ingredients from you kitchen to make your very own sugar scrub.

There are many ideas for sugar scrubs on the internet.

So, you can choose the DIY craft you like and make your life easier.


Natural Lip Balms


Similar to DIY scrubs, natural lip balms help you dry skin in the winter.

There are tons of ingredients that you can use as per your choice of fragrance and consistency.

Also these lip balms are free from harmful chemicals that might damage your skin.


DIY Greeting Cards


How can we forget a simple, DIY gift cards.

When you design a card yourself and write your feelings, it makes it special. You can design several crafts for everyone.

There are tons and tons of DIY craft ideas for christmas gift online.

You can find the best one and follow their designs.


DIY Bookmarks


If you have someone that loves reading books, this can be an easier option.

Bookmarks that you buy on the stores are overpriced. Also they don’t have a personal touch.

So, craft your own bookmarks for a cheaper price and better quality this Christmas.

Christmas gifts are all about warmth and intimacy. So, if you want to impress someone but you have no money, go for this.


DIY Aprons


Similar to oven gloves, if you can sew, you can use your skill.

Aprons are very useful so this might make the receiver happy as well.

The christmas gift will be appreciated and wont wound up in a corner.


Handmade Soaps


Another easy craft that you can make for christmas gift are handmade soaps.

These soaps can have several ingredients, shapes and scents.

Unlike store bought soaps, these DIY crafts are organic and won’t be harsh on the skin.

You can gift them up in a box or just wrap it up in paper bags.


Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Another easy idea for your christmas DIY project is embroidered handkerchiefs.

These have different designs and you can use several patterns.

This gift will be a reminder of you to them as they carry it around in their pockets.


Bath Bombs

DIY project

For an interesting christmas craft you can try out this idea.

DIY Bath bombs natural and organic.

There is no fear of skin irritation. Plus it can save you a lot of money.


Air Dry Clay Keyholders


Another interesting and beautiful gift idea is making crafts with air dry clay.

These pieces can be very useful sometimes or can be just used for decorations as well.

You can use your own ideas to paint the clay and make it lovely.


DIY Earrings and Jewelleries


Rather than buying jwelleries from stores, you can make them on your own.

Especially, the earrings and bracelets are super easy to make.