Dating Bisexual: Why is Dating a Bisexual Really Tough

Dating a bisexual person was no less than committing a crime, a decade ago.

During that time, a Bisexual person was not acceptable socially.

However, in today’s context, Bisexual has got some recognition in the society, and every one is somehow familiar with the word Bisexual.

People and time have changed very vastly within a few decades.

It was not a very long time ago when Kate perry said I Kissed A Girl And I Liked, and though her song made it to the top of Billboard Charts, she finds her self in controversy, and everyone was in a dilemma regarding her Sexuality.

Bisexuality adaptation has many rational reasons, such as; Some are for the sake of Lust. Some are biologically compelled, and some are for love, no matter what, but sooner or later, it will be accepted by society-wide spreadly.

Suppose you are in a romantic restaurant and waiting for your date, as he/she arrives, you might easily fall for their beauty.

Still, after spending some time you find, your partner is not mainly concerned about your sexuality,  that’s a bit awkward you will find at that moment.

So here are some of the reasons telling you ”Why Dating Bisexual Is Tough?”


Firstly we will start with sex; The Common Problem A Bisexual Person Have To Face

Dating Bisexual

Either for bisexual men or bisexual women, making love with a partner is the most pleasurable moment.

Still, when you find your partner is making love with someone else, then obviously, you are more likely to dump your partner.

In fact, you prefer to move ahead because most of the people will not be happy to share their partner with anyone, but Bisexual partner has to.

They love being with the same sex or opposite sex, and somehow you have to adjust to your traditional feeling because a bisexual partner is going to make love with other no matter how deep in love you both are.

So I find that is the toughest part you have to deal with your own.


Beside Sex and lust, We will Now Talk About Society That Doesn’t Accept Dating Bisexual

Dating Bisexual

Though many of us say ‘I don’t give a dame what society thinks,’ but in reality, we are social animals.

We need each other, and if you are a partner is bisexual, then your relationship will be the talk of the town.

Your friends will gossip about your new partner; your mom and dad will not accept your relation.

Further, after some time, you will find your selves isolated from the rest of your friends and family circle.


Another Hardest Part Of Dating Bisexual person is psychological phenomena

psychological phenomena

Everyone is different, and their sexuality plays a vital role in shaping their mentality.

And if your partner is Bisexual, then you cannot predict what’s their next move will be.

You will often ask yourself, How long our relationship will go to stand?

Is he/she still have an interest in me? Am I doing the right thing, and basically, what trust means in our relation?. So be prepared sooner or later you will be going to ask this kind of question to yourself.

Any relationship is meant to be long-lasting, though breakups and patch-ups are the most common circumstances in our daily life.

But how are you going to escape your relationship from falling apart when you start to think.

How long I am going to have a relationship with him/her? So for me, the next point is the duration of the relationship. I have found only some couples who are dating Bisexual for a long time, breakups, and patch-ups are the widespread phenomenon in this kind of relationship.

So if you are a sensitive kind of person, then probably it will be challenging for you.

If you are going to have a long term relationship with a Bisexual partner, then you must know, everything will not go the way you want.

You have to make some adjustments, as well as you have to build understanding, and then only your relationship will stand. Otherwise, it will be just as another story to tell.



So here we have discussed some of the toughest parts for dating Bisexual person, and we are not only here to tell you the dark sides of Bisexual relationship.

People are enjoying this kind of relationship and who knows after spending some time you are also going to enjoy it.

If you only listen to yourself, then everything will be easy, but if you start to take some feedback and nonsense advice about your relationship, then my friend, you will ruin your relationship.

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