Coronavirus: The Korean Netflix Series, My Secret Terrius Predicted the Pandemic Back In 2018; Check Out The Details

Coronavirus: The Korean Netflix Series, My Secret Terrius Predicted the Pandemic Back In 2018

Viewers were surprised when the Korean Netflix show, My Secret Terrius forecasted the Coronavirus pandemic back in 2018. Particularly, K- drama audiences are especially reassured that My Secret Terrius had warned them about the outbreak of Coronavirus. While most of the world is staying at home and watching shows, it was the 10th episode of the series that made the viewers unsettled. 

The finale season of the South Korean show includes two of the main characters addressing Covid-19 nearly a year before the virus spread from China. In particular, the episode shows a mutated coronavirus being used as a weapon while doctors are still trying to find a cure.

My Secret Terrius Pandemic Prediction

My Secret Terrius Pandemic Prediction
My Secret Terrius Pandemic Prediction
Source: Daily Express

Comparing Coronavirus to the MERS, one of the characters in the series said:

Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90%

Adding to that, she also said:

What’s more serious,” continuing, “is that the coronavirus has an incubation period of two to 14 days

In the conversation, it was also mentioned how the virus affects the human lungs:

The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed.

Ironically, excluding some parts, most of the prediction was true. Also, the series taught children to wash their hands properly to avoid contamination. Interestingly, one of the characters of the series also mentioned the virus being uncurable which exactly matches the current situation.

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Viewers Reaction On My Secret Terrius

After seeing the surprising scene, viewers instantly took to social media to share their surprise at the coincidence, some calling it a hoax immediately.

One of the viewers wrote:

“In the drama My Secret Terrius that was released in 2018 (UNIQ’s sungjoo was among the cast) they talked in details about the corona virus…. I had goosebumps…

Another, expressing views, wrote:

Just gonna leave this here but i am massively spooked.This series My Secret Terrius is on netflix but came out 2 years ago and talks about the coronavirus we’re going through rn…

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However, every one of them is not taking it as surprising, one of the unbothered viewers wrote:

Everyone freaking out about #mysecretterrius knowing about the Corona virus … but you guys realise we didn’t discovered just now… that some Corona Viruses types cause SARS, MERS, and even some common cold strains. Chill…


While everyone might be amused know about the prediction, we shouldn’t forget that the type of Coronavirus MERS and SERS already appeared as a pandemic back in 2002 and 2012 respectively. So, it might be the case that the series makers have taken reference to these diseases before creating the scene.

sylvia browne prediction of coronavirus on her book end of days
Sylvia Browne prediction of coronavirus on her book, End Of Days
Source: Center for Inquiry

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Not only these series, but there are also few other people who have predicted the virus long ago. However, apart from a few points, most of them don’t match the ongoing situation. The Arthurs, Sylvia Browne, and Dean Koontz also have already predicted the virus in 2008 and 1981 respectively which has just become a coincidence of today’s situation.

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