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Chronic Condition That Make Coronavirus/COVID-19 Fatal

COVID-19 Fatal Chronic Condition

Coronavirus chronic condition makes COVID-19 fatal. An Italian case study of hundreds of patients who died due to COVID-19 shows that most of them were already suffering from one or more chronic conditions prior to Coronavirus/ COVID-19 infection. And among all these chronic conditions, the high blood pressure is one of the major and highest co-morbidity factors. There are other health hazards that also increase the chance of fatal rates of death due to the coronavirus infection.

Why Coronavirus Chronic Condition Lead Towards Death

The new coronavirus is highly contagious for three reasons:

  1. The first is that each infected person will infect at least three people in the absence of protective measures.
  2. The second is that an infected person who has no symptoms can also infect other people, and
  3. The third is that about 15% of cases lead to complications, 5% of which even require intensive care hospitalization.

COVID-19 infection affects all age groups including the youngest. However, it causes deaths especially among the elderly and frail, especially those with pre-existing chronic conditions. Yes, chronic conditions lead coronavirus to turn the situation into the deadliest one.

A study by the Higher Institute of Health and relayed by Agence France Presse confirmed this trend. Italy carried out the study. Italy is one of the countries most affected by the epidemic. The analysis actually is based on a sample of 10,026 patients who were positive to COVID-19. This analysis also shows that the average age is 78 years of the patients who died due to coronavirus positive. The researchers looked at pre-existing chronic conditions in these deceased patients, diagnosed before they became infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Hypertension, The Most Prevalent Coronavirus Chronic Condition

This figure was obtained from 909 deceased persons for whom it was possible to analyze hospitalization medical records. The results reveal that the average number of chronic conditions observed in this population is 2.7. Overall, 19 patients had no pathology, 197 had one pathology, 223 had two pathologies and 470, or more than half of them, had three or more pathologies. Which are the most frequent? The most common condition identified, present in 73% of the members of the study, and was hypertension (hypertension), which corresponds to an abnormal increase in blood pressure on the walls of the arteries.

Diabetes And Heart Disease, The Second Chronic Condition

In second place (31.5% of the panel) is type 2 diabetes, followed by ischemic heart disease, a condition that affects the vessels that supply blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle, chronic kidney failure, atrial fibrillation (a heart rhythm disorder that speeds up the heart and make it beat irregularly) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Recent cancer (less than 5 years old), heart failure (the inability of the heart to pump blood normally), dementia, stroke (a sudden onset neurological event) and chronic liver disease complete the list.

Respiratory Failure, The Third Coronavirus Chronic Condition

The study also discusses the main symptoms that patients experience before arriving at the hospital. The study shows that the most frequently observed symptoms are fever, dyspnea (feeling of lack of air) and cough, while diarrhea and hemoptysis (coughing up blood) are less frequent.

As for complications, respiratory failure was the most common, followed by acute renal injury, acute myocardial injury, and superinfection. Finally, the researchers state that the average time between the onset of symptoms and the patient’s death is 9 days: 4 days between onset and hospitalization and 5 days between hospitalization and death.

 70+ Are Venerable To Coronavirus Chronic Condition

This information, in fact, affirms that individuals in danger of building up a genuine type of CoV-2 SARS contamination are individuals matured 70 and over.

 70+ Are Venerable To Coronavirus Chronic Condition
70+ Are Venerable To Coronavirus Chronic Condition

The patients with a cardiovascular history (entangled blood vessel hypertension, history of stroke), insulin-subordinate diabetics with lopsided glucose levels, individuals with interminable respiratory pathology, individuals with incessant renal dialysis disappointment or malignancy patients under treatment. For these individuals, the use of hindrance motions consistently is even more basic.

Final Verdict On Coronavirus Chronic Condition 

It is true that nobody has still invented COVID-19. The research teams from different countries are trying heart and soul to bring a vaccine for coronavirus infection. Even the research teams are experimenting with the existing drugs to cure coronavirus infection. However, this research reveals the chronic conditions that increase the death toll.

The research has proved that the death rate is higher in the case of 70+ years of patients. So these age groups people should take precautions well. They should try to keep their blood pressure in control. In addition, they should also keep their blood glucose in control if they are suffering from diabetes. Yes, they should also take care of their heart health.

Above all, everyone from the youngest to the oldest must observe all those sanitization rules to keep coronavirus infection away from us. Are you bored with Lockdown? You can read our latest article on the interesting tips to kill your boredom. 

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