Can Women Tell Man’s Interest Just by Looking At The Face?

Can Women Tell Man's Interest Just by Looking At The Face?

Evolutionary psychology asserts that humans are attracted to healthy, fertile, and compatible potential mates. If that’s the case then, humans can read certain cues in our faces and bodies that reflect these desirable mating characteristics. Likewise, we all have heard stories about women having precise instincts. We, women, look into various aspects of men’s personality and physique to decide a few things before committing. Well, more interestingly research claims that a woman can tell a guy’s interest just by looking at his face. Here is what you may want to know about this proven fact.

Can women read a man’s face?

According to research posted in Evolution and Human Behavior, the facial shape provides a valid cue to sociosexuality in men. However, the same case is not valid for women. Facial shape provides a valid cue to sociosexuality in men. Keeping this in mind the Australian team of researchers from Macquarie University initiated this study. It started with a debate about the mechanics of attraction in humans. 

The Australian researchers first hypothesized the existed theory of attraction and impression. They first initiated the research from an academic point of view and later turned it into attention-drawing research. As evolution psychology determines potential partners from appearance then humans may also be able to read certain cues in faces and bodies that reflect desirable mating characteristics. Likewise, we might get such information from visual cues, such as facial traits.

More details on research

The team recruited 103 white individuals, both male, and female, to complete the survey. They took their portraits and asked several questions about their level of sociosexuality (how open they are to casual, uncommitted sex). The researchers then associated the sociosexuality scores with facial shape characteristics in men. However, not in women because no reliable association could be found.

In the following study, 65 heterosexual participants observed the same portraits. Researchers asked them to answer the sociosexuality of the person of the opposite sex. Interestingly, women’s perception of male sociosexuality matched the men’s self-reported sociosexuality scores. The result explicitly proved that women can predict some of the men’s intentions from their faces themselves. However, men terribly failed this task. Because their perception of women’s sociosexuality did not match the women’s self-reported attitudes. Interestingly, men with longer faces, higher foreheads, longer noses, and larger eyes tend to be more open to casual sex, and women can predict this.

Can Women Tell Man's Interest Just by Looking At The Face?

Co-author Joe Antar said, “It turned out that women were really good at judging whether men were only interested in short-term uncommitted relationships,”. “This is a really valuable skill to have, as it would allow women to make subconscious decisions about which men would be a good fit for them.” And yet another proof that women have a very precise instinct.