Laser Marking vs. Laser Engraving: Which Is Better?

Laser Marking vs. Laser Engraving: Which Is Better?
Are you looking for the best solutions for your business? Here is some information on laser marking and engraving machines and which device is better for you.

Effectively labeling various products is an essential aspect of many different industries, all the way from massive manufacturing companies to an artist selling commissions on social media. To ensure your marks are accurate and suitable for your specific sector, you need the proper equipment.

Two important labeling devices for most businesses are laser marking machines and laser engraving machines. Read on to learn more about which is better for you and your needs.

Laser Marking

A UV laser marking machine is an industrial device that uses a concentrated light beam to alter the appearance and properties of a material. This process creates a highly accurate, indelible marking that’s exceptionally resistant to fire, heat, and cold.

Due to the durability and reliability of UV laser markings, these machines are valuable in industrious sectors like manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Due to their complexity, it’s essential to maintain your laser marking equipment properly with regular inspections and cleanings.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving serves a similar function to laser marking but works in an entirely different way. A laser engraving machine creates permanent markings by vaporizing areas of material. The laser beam chisels into the top layers, literally removing parts of the surface.

Since this is a destructive method for marking, laser engraving is not commonly found in dynamic environments. Instead, standard applications include small businesses specializing in custom work, the barcode creation industry, and carpentry/acrylic cutting. These machines are often more affordable than laser marking equipment and easier to maintain.

Which Is Better?

Out of these two methods for marking, which is better for you? Ultimately, the answer lies in your business’s preferences. Large-scale, highly regulated, and industrious companies can benefit from the accuracy and efficiency of UV laser marking machines.

Alternatively, laser engraving devices better serve smaller operations creating custom products. However, the material you work with often dictates which machine is more effective, so determine which method is most practical for your products.

Understanding the differences between laser marking and laser engraving machines can help you more effectively determine which is better for your business. Remember to consider your budget when investing in expensive equipment.