Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Be it for kids or adults, Batman is one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.

The character of Batman first starred in two serial films in 1940s in Batman and Batman and Robin.

Since its inception, almost 39 actors have already played the role of superhero, Batman.

However, only few have out shined the character as Batman actors both because of their tremendous performance and marvelous script.

So, in this article we bring you some of the actors who played Batman over the years.


Lewis G Wilson

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Lewis G Wilson was the first and one of the youngest actors who played Batman’s character.

He appeared in the 15 part 1943 Columbia serial Batman.

Wilson is one of the unpopular Batman actors who had the personality of a dashing playboy.

However his physique to play Batman character was no so likable.

Critics complained about everything from his weight, his accent, to his voice being too high.

One critic even described Wilson as “thick about the middle.”

After playing Batman character, Wilson’s next biggest movie part was probably in the 1951 Bowanga Bowanga.


Robert Lowery

Robert Lowery took over Lewis G Wilson as one of the Batman actors with 1949 serial Batman and Robins.

At the age of 36, Lowery was already a veteran actor appearing in movies like The Mark of Zorro (1940), The Mummy’s Ghost (1944) and Dangerous Passage (1944).

After his appearance in Batman and Robins, Lowery never played lead role in Batman movie.

However, he did guest-starred as Batman on an episode of The Adventures of Superman.


Adam West

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Adam West is one of the well-known Batman actors who played the Caped Crusader from 1966 through 1968 in the Batman television series.

West is the original Batman, but he never really captured the spirit of what Batman character stands for.

His portrayal of the character did everything from wear brightly colored underwear over his skin-tight leotard to dance the “Batusi.”

However, his take on for the character was perfectly in line with the campier visor for the character in the late 1960s.

West was a very different Batman than what we have today, but was exponential at what he did to the character.

After the Batman series went off the air in 1968, he became victim to stereotype hell.

Later, in 1977, West returned as Batman with his voice in The New Adventures of Batman.


George Clooney

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

George Clooney is probably one of the unforgettable actors who played Batman character in this list that too in a bad way.

Clooney played the role of Batman in 1997’s Batman and Robin one of the worst movies of all time rated by the critics.

Though he gave his best for the character, the script and the movie as a whole was so bad that he got heavily criticized.

And now Clooney’s name comes in the list of one of the worst actors who played Batman in films.

The Academy Award-winner has always been self-aware enough to own it to this very day.


Michael Keaton

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Under the direction of Tim Button, Michael Keaton took the Batman character over Adam West after nearly 20 years.

When Tim Burton and Michael Keaton became ready for 1989’s Batman, fans weren’t ready to let go Adam West’s legacy.

Ultimately, Keaton’s casting caused such controversy that 50,000 protest letters were sent to Warner Bro’s office.

Director Burton chose Keaton as one of the Batman actors because he appeared to be funny and scary at the same time.

Undoubtedly, critics loved his portrayal of Bats and fans and now he is popular as one of the top actors who played Batman over the years.

Keaton received awards for being the first actor to reprise the role on the big screen.

He again returned as Batman in 1992’s Batman Returns which also got positive response.

Truly, without Keaton, the modern conception of Batman as heroic protector of the night would never exist.


Val Kilmer

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Val Kilmer is probably one of the least remembered actors who played Batman in movies in this list.

After Keaton decided not to return as Batman, director Joel Schumacher chose Val Kilmer for the role.

Schumacher became interested in Val Kilmer after seeing him in Tombstore.

Kilmer then allegedly accepted the role for 1995’s Batman Forever without even reading the script.

His performance as Batman got two kinds of review. Some said he was extremely good and some said he could not meet up the expectation.

Nonetheless, the movie performed better than Batman Returns at the box office.

Sadly, he left the character between his attitude and his concern that the superheroes were no getting enough screen time as the villains.


Christian Bale

Top Actors Who Played Batman in Movies

Christian Bale’s character as Batman not only escorted in a new era of the DC hero, but also changed superhero movies.

The Memento and Insomnia director Christopher Nolan got the job of releasing 2005’s Batman Begins for which he chose Christian Bale.

Nolan choose Christian Bale because he had exactly the balance of darkness and light.

The movie got genuine review from the critics saying it reminded them of his brilliant turn in American Psycho.

Besides that, Bale’s penetrating eyes and physical acting made that hood into something more human that symbolic.

Altogether, that makes Bale perhaps one of the most loved and recognized actors who played Batman character.


Will Arnett

Will Arnett gave a significant role as Batman in the 2013 cinematic smash The Lego Movie.

Although it was not a proper Batman movie as other in the list, Arnett’s comedy magic made the movie one unforgettable.

Long enough after The Dark Knight Rises, Arnett character helped Batman to somehow remain in audience mind.

The result of the perfect casting and canny scheduling became the funniest, freshest and downright character.

Truly, Will Arnett’s role as Batman in The Lego Movie’s was one of the most loved especially by the younger audience.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck joined the list of actors who played Batman over the years with his role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Affleck’s first Batman movie showed fight between two superheroes Batman and Superman.

The fight in the movie eventually broke out between the two heroes was a brutal affair, recalling the iconic Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns.

In general, people didn’t like the movie much, but they were pretty kind to Ben Affleck.

It might be because his hard work on his tech-building capabilities and gym regimen to match Bruce Wayne or his performance as a whole.