10 Ways to Support Your Friend’s Small Business

If your friend owns a business, there are many things you can do to help them grow.

Especially, when the business is small, it needs support.

As a friend you can support your friend’s business in many ways. So, make sure that you do these things:


1. Buy their products if they are selling:

friend's support

If your friend is producing something make sure you support them by buying those products.

The best thing you can do for them is to boost their confidence.

As soon as you make a purchase, this will give them a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, when you use that product, you will indirectly promote their business.


2. Like/Share/Comment and Subscribe:

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Don’t be stingy. It will not cost you anything to promote someone’s business online.

You can do it free of cost and at your convenience. Moreover, when you do that, they will get more views and attention from around the world.

In this phase your friend’s needs your support the most.

Not only will it gather attention but will also help boost their level of confidence. So, be generous with your likes and comments.


3.Offer for help, ideas, honest feedbacks and opinions:

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It is very difficult to trust people these days. Especially when you are in the world of business.

That is why you should give your friends honest opinions and feedback.

If you have any other ideas that can be used to improve on their existing products, tell them.

Not only that but when you find that something is not right, let them know honestly.

Constructive feedback will help them improve on the things that they are lacking.


4. Engage with them:

friend's support

They might have a lot to share. Mostly when you are managing a business of your own, there are a lot of troubles that might come in the way.

As a good friend, you should be able to give them time. Help them out with small errands.

Provide some help when needed. Attend their meetings and offer them advice.

This will be such a help to your friend. People need support when their business is at the early stage. So, make some time out and engage with them.


5. Talk about it with other people:

If you are in a business surrounding, try to boast about your friend’s small business as well.

When you let other people know about their business, you might interest someone in their products.

If you have tried their products, let other people know how good it was.

Word of mouth still is one of the most crucial ways of promoting a business.

Engage with them when you are around other people who could be interested in their products or in investing in their business.

If you can help your friend get some recognition, no matter how small it looks, they will be grateful.


6. Engage on their sites on their small business:

small business

Particularly, when their business is online, make sure that you spend enough time on their sites.

If they write blogs, find more articles in their blog and read them out.

Make sure you comment and let them know you liked it.

Similarly, if they are vloggers, watch their videos, share and comment.

And if they have an e-commerce site use it often. This will increase the ranking of their business online as well.


7. Compliment and encourage them:

friend's support

When they reach some kind of a milestone, congratulate them.

Or when they receive any kind of recognition make sure you leave them some kind of compliment.

You can encourage them to continue working in the same way.

It will let them know that their efforts are not completely wasted and that people are noticing.


8. Stop Asking for Discounts/Free Work:

This is so common in the world. Whenever we have someone close to us, we expect them to give us some kind of a discount.

But this doesn’t help at all. After all you don’t want your friend to go on a loss.

When you pay your friend for their product or service, although small, it will help increase their revenue.


9. Connect entrepreneurs you know:

Leadership Style

If you know anyone that can help invest in their business let them know.

This will increase their acquaintances.

This will be the best support you can provide your friends.

It is very important to grow your circle in the field of business.

You might just provide them with the deal of their life. So, go ahead and connect people.


10. Collaborate with them on their small business:

If you’re a business person yourself then you can always offer to collaborate with your friend’s business.

You can work together which will make your companies even more stronger.

This support from each other’s business will help you in competing with other businesses.

So, if you find their business idea lucrative make sure you offer them your deal.

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