8 Business Etiquette You Need To Improve Company Culture

By far too many businesses are losing customers due to those few staff who do not practice excellent company labeling.

From what they say to the manner they keep their appearance, this can be anything.

When the workers feel disrespected by their colleagues, they are less likely to perform well.

In many cases, workers resign from their positions, leading to internal tensions in the company.

After all who would want to work in a place where they feel uncomfortable and unwanted?

On the other hand, when customers experience uncivil behavior from companies, they’re less likely to do business.

Fortunately, many incivility issues can be avoided by learning and practicing proper business etiquette.

So, in this article, we offer you some essential business etiquette tips to improve your company culture.

Keep Conversation Professional

Sure, some people might have great relationship with their colleagues while working in an office.

Some of you might like to talk about families or weekend time to time with colleagues.

However, as part of good business etiquette, keep those talks minimal for you and the company.

That’s because the more personal you become with your employees the more personal the conversation flow will become.

It will make it easy for you or an employee to get too personal with a client, creating an uncomfortable situation.

Hence, as a good business etiquette, develop a company culture of your own to be strictly professional.

Inter-Office Telephone Etiquette

Always keep phone conversations, even inter-office phone conversation very professional.

Rather than just wagging around with your clients or your employees, just get straight to the point.

You really never know who is listening, and this will let your employees know that phone etiquette is very important with clients.

If you try to be unprofessional or loud on the phone with your clients, don’t worry they will find someone else.

Avoid Improper Cell Phone Usage

One of the most prevalent etiquette problems in the modern business world is related to usage of cell phone.

Too frequently, people breach proper business etiquette by leaving their telephone during meetings, and taking calls in the middle.

Employees even carry on loud cell phone conversations while in office buildings or elevators.

With the widespread adoption of cell phone usage, many people have lost sight of the fact that the person in front can get disturbed.

It might not be your clients however, even the colleagues working with you might get distracted by your behavior.

Hence, to make a positive impression towards your colleagues and the company, you should limit usage of your cell phone.

If possible you can also place your cell phone where they are not disruptive or intrusive to others.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Dressing in a manner appropriate for your company, position, and activities is extremely essential all the time.

As a professional, the image you convey sends a message to others about you and the organization you represent.

So, it’s not only for you, this business etiquette is extremely necessary as you will be representing your company’s culture.

When you dress in appropriate manner, clients are likely to form positive impressions about your abilities and professionalism.

If your image is less than professional, clients will have same image about the company you are working for.

Solicit Feedback

Most people have behavioral blind spots both in the business and well as real world.

You may think that you’re behaving in a respectful manner, without noticing how annoying you might be.

Understanding what yours are and being mindful of your own behavior is necessary to have as an etiquette.

Asking for feedback is a great company culture you can follow to increase your awareness of your own behavior.

This company culture may even uplift your abilities to create positive and successful relationships.

Therefore, understanding what kind of reputation you hold and the personality you portray is an essential part of business etiquette.

Maintaining Visibility

Hiding away from your colleagues and avoiding any sort of conversation is never a good business etiquette.

A closed door might as well be a moat and a gated castle.

Hence, it is extremely essential to develop habit of being open with the fellow employees as part of company culture.

If you’ve got an urgent task to complete, it may be efficient for you to be alone and do your job.

But, it’s also important to communicate with your fellow employees after you finish your job.

It’s natural to have distractive working environment sometimes making it difficult for you to concentrate.

Hence, be visible with your fellow employees about the problem as part of your business etiquette.

Make your company’s culture flexible and encourage your colleagues to come in and talk to you.

Remember, it might not sound big enough, though being visible plays a great role in making business thrive.

Behave Impeccably During Meetings

Whether you’re meeting with team members or clients as part of company etiquette, it’s necessary to be impeccable.

The way you conduct yourself during formal meetings tends to leave a long-lasting impression.

Therefore, make sure to arrive punctually and thoroughly rehearse what you plan to say before the meeting.

If you start discussing long-winded topics that aren’t specifically relevant to the people in the room, it’s a waste of time.

Speak loud and clear to covey your message clearly, but don’t take it too far or you may portray yourself very aggressive.

Try to introduce people who don’t know each other in the meeting and always listen quietly when someone else speaks.

Punctuality is Key

Punctuality is an important component of business etiquette every employee must possess in a company.

Developing a pattern of being late or getting in the habit of keeping people wait sends very unprofessional message to the clients.

When you show up to the place you’re supposed to be right on time, this portrays you as a committee employee.

But when you do the opposite, it not only destroys your reputation, but even your company’s culture.

Especially, when you are a supervisor or owner of the company, you should have this business etiquette.

If you as a boss don’t be punctual, obviously your employees will follow your footsteps.

Professionalism and punctuality go hand in hand, so always endeavor to honor your commitment in a timely manner.

Perhaps, you will be late in hitting your deadlines, or you’ll be hard to get a hold of if an urgent situation arises.