Ways to Cope Up When Friend Cuts you off

Have you ever experienced any condition in life when your friend has suddenly cut you out of his/her life?

Probably you might have faced such situations or have made other face those situations during your school life or college days.

The feeling devastates you when the person used to hang out with and share your entire feelings suddenly makes you out of their life.

If you have had that unfortunate experience in your life, you will know how painful it really is, especially if you have to see that friend regular at your school or college.

There are several terms to describe the end of a friendship.

Usually people call it as being dumped or jilted. Losing a close companion is kind of like the breakup of a romantic relationship and can lead to sadness and depression as well.

So, if you have ever gone through a situation where your companion has cut you off, don’t worry, we have the solution.

Here are the different ways to cope up when friends cuts you off. Have a look:


Allow Yourself to Grieve

It’s ok to be sad when your friend cuts you off.

Understanding that you are grieving a loss, and the best way to manage grief is to allow your feelings to flow.

You need to realize the fact that you will be buddies no more and accept the fact in your daily life.

It is definitely a painful experience where loneliness surrounds you all around, but letting go will help you feel much better and move past from the sadness.

Let yourself cry if you need to is a good way to express your grief.


Stand Up for Yourself

The cut of in friendship can be a significant life event and somehow an opportunity for you to stand out for yourself.

No matter what others gossip about you, don’t allow your feelings to be diminished. Be bold and strong in front of those who try to put you down.

Try talking to yourself as a friend. If people try to say “Stop being so sad, it’s not like someone died”, be opinionated.


Be Gentle to Yourself

This is the best way to cope up when your friend cuts you off. Give yourself plenty of time and space to deal with your feelings.

Life might seem to be harder and lonely for sometimes because you lost your close companion, but everything gets healed with time.

Do things that you enjoy and makes you feel better.

Go for movies with your cousin, hang out with your family members and go for a vacation.

The things that you do for your physical, mental, social or spiritual health will help you feel better and take care of yourself.


Talk to Someone About it

Talking with someone might make you forget the friend who had cut you off.

It could be another partner, a parents or someone close to you. Find someone you trust and who is a good listener.

Get their perspective and try to implement it on yourself.

If you are concerned about what you tell someone getting back to your ex-friend, consider talking to someone who is not in your social circle and who is not so critical.


Make New Friends

What’s gone cannot be brought back. Don’t get stuck with the companion who had cut you off. Rather try to make new friends and get their perspective.

Get into their gang and enjoy your companion.

Do not let yourself be lonely and depressed. Gain experience with your new friends.


Focus on Positive Aspects

This is another best ways to cope up when friends cuts you off.

Losing a friend is difficult and sad, but that’s not the only thing in your life. There are lots of things that makes you keep on going in your life.

You definitely have a brighter future and are capable to do more. So, stay positive always.

Cultivate gratitude and a positive outlook by keeping a gratitude journal.

Join a group where you can surround yourself with positive-minded friends and can push you to stay positive all the time.


Write a Letter to Yourself

Consider writing a letter to yourself explaining how you feel. Trust me this is the best way to cope up with partner who has cut you off.

If you do not want to share your emotions with others, rather than being sad and depressed, writing a letter to yourself will make you feel much happier and relaxed.

This will help you to get some closure.


Decide on What to Say

You might have some anxiety about running into your ex-friend somewhere. You may want to consider coming up with something to say to them if you ran into them. Don’t get nervous at those times.

Rehearse what you want to say until you feel confident that you would be able to deliver your lines effectively and make your relationship better with your friend.

So, always be prepared for these kinds of situations.


Avoid Gossiping about your Ex-friend

While you may want nothing more than vent about how hurt you are over what happened, you might want to talk to someone who can understand your situation.

But sometimes, unknowingly you might tend to gossip with other friends which might make the situation even worst.

If someone asks you what happened, do not go on a detailed conversation except someone whom you trust.


Take a Long-term View

While it may be hard to see far down the road right now, understand your companion and your friendship.

While you and your buddy may think you are completely finished today, there may come a time in future where you may reconnect with each other.

May be you remove all the misunderstanding and become close again.