Tourism Post-COVID-19: A Long Road to Recovery

Tourism Post-COVID-19
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COVID-19 has impacted billions of lives all over the world. Not just lives but the pandemic have also affected businesses, living conditions, and the global economy. But one sector that’s felt probably the most blow due to and even post COVID-19 is tourism.

For almost an entire year, traveling was either banned or restricted due to the novel coronavirus and the world went on lockdown. Several hotels and restaurants were forced to shut down due to a lack of business. And it pushed hundreds of thousands of people to unemployment. However, with the rest of the world slowly getting back on track, what is the future of tourism post-COVID-19?

The tourism industry in the last year lost approximately $1.3 trillion in export revenue. And with potentially more dangerous coronavirus variants, the tourism industry still has a long road to recovery post-COVID-19.

Tourism Industry’s Road to Recovery Post-COVID-19.

Tourism Industry’s Road to Recovery Post-COVID-19.

Tourism is one of the biggest businesses in the world. It plays a significant role in any country’s economy. In fact, a few countries substantially depend on tourism. However, with the industry almost entirely shut, it has not only affected these countries’ economies but also the livelihood of thousands of households.

But, the big question still remains; how will tourism bounce back, especially in a post-COVID-19 world where its effect is still prevalent?

The road to recovery is still a long way ahead for the deeply-affected tourism industry. But that doesn’t mean it has no chance of bouncing back and getting back on track. Yes, it might take some time, but with proper guidance and safety measures, the tourism industry’s road to recovery is highly possible.

Here are 5 ways the tourism industry can bounce back post-COVID-19.

Travel-Related Risk Reduction Management.

Traveling is still at high risk and people need the most caution while doing so. And until the government doesn’t sort out traveling, the tourism industry can’t blossom. Thus, it is crucial for the government to manage travel-related risk reduction. Limiting the number of flights or passengers, providing health insurance to the travelers, providing testing, tracing, and vaccination against COVID-19, etc., are some of the ways the tourism industry can bounce back post-COVID-19. However, these measures must have a long-term impact.

Maintaining Strict Safety Measures.

The Health and safety of tourists must come before anything else. And during these tough times, maintaining strict safety measures is the most crucial thing. Properly sanitized hotel rooms, restaurants, and staff, physical distancing, lesser customers, taking customers only after proper testing, etc., are the steps the tourism industry can take to recover post-COVID-19.

Encouraging Domestic Tourism.

Domestic tourism is as important for the tourism industry as international tourism is. And when international traveling might take some time to recover, domesticating the tourism sector post-COVID-19 might mend the industry to some extent. But the above points still play an important role in domestic tourism as well.

Capsule Hotels.

Capsule hotels have gained major popularity in recent years. And it is an attractive as well as a smart choice to attract more tourists. However, in a post-COVID-19 world, establishing capsule hotels might come handy in curbing the risk of the virus. It can also act as an isolation ward for travelers.

Niche Tourism.

A particular country has numerous things to offer to tourists. However, there are tourists who travel to different places searching for a particular thing. Some might be looking for adventures while some might be interested in exploring spirituality and some just want to explore the food culture. Thus, pushing niche tourism might help sort the problem.

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