Through Incredible India: Facts about India You Should Know

Through Incredible India: Facts about India You Should Know

Your vacation is about to start and you haven’t decided where you will be spending your time off.

Not yet, have you? What if I advised you to head to a country which is already a choice of mammoth over 10 million travelers annually?

Yes, the incredible India could be the place you were looking for, for your holiday.

The seventh largest country by the measurement of area, India has nothing less than what a traveler may seek in a holiday spot.

While roaming around the whole of India may ask many of your months, you can still get to most of the significant sites on offer in a managed 1 month schedule.

Here we have listed some of the major facts about India you should know before you indulge yourself in this remarkable land.

So, are you ready to make your trip to India even more memorable?


Indian Culture and its Depth

Indian culture carries fascinating stories and scientific facts.

The ancient Indus valley civilization that took place in India is one of the oldest civilizations known on earth.

Indian culture is an overall combination of thousands of distinctive cultures and traditions followed in each and every corner of India.

The norms and values of each cavernous culture are unique from others.

You could still find some similarities among the cultures.

Guests are supposed to be treated well and considered a form of God in any culture.

The faith in God in every religion is in enormous amount.

The varieties of festivals celebrated, and the unique but systematic ways followed to worship Gods and Goddesses alone demonstrate the value they have put on their cultures and religions.

They also value marriage, children, and parents as much as they value Gods and Goddesses.

The people of India strongly believe in donations of any kind, and it is well within their culture to provide whatever one can to whoever needs it.

A whopping 80% of Indian people follow Hindu.

While 15% of Indians are Muslim, India is also home to Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, and the rest.

The harmony among the religions has kept the country united.

For all travelers from all over the world, India could be a thick cultural book and it’s definitely worth a read.


Flavorful Food

The varieties of foods on offer all over India are another reason to visit India.

If you are one of those foodies, there could hardly be a better place to visit than India.

The spicy foods are among the cheapest in the world and your tongue is bound to fall in love with them.

Baked samosas filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, and sometimes ground beef or ground chickens, are fully prepared to make a journey through your mouth to the throat, and finally into the stomach.

Butter chicken and tandoori chicken leave no stone upturned in impressing your tongue.

You can’t deny Alu Gobi, rogan josh, malai kofta, matar paneer, naan, and beef vindaloo either.

While you are walking along a road in busy cities in India, you can’t leave without trying the mouth-watering fast foods.

While you are traveling to the areas that are by the sea, Kolkata especially, fishes are among the must-eat foods.

For all the food lovers worldwide, India is a giant restaurant.


Indian People

Through Incredible India: Facts about India You Should Know

India is a home of whopping 1.3 billion faces, making it the 2nd most populous country in the world.

Spread in 29 different states, they speak over 1000 languages, among which 122 are major languages.

Helpful, reliable, and friendly are among the characters Indians walk with.

It won’t be a surprise if you told your mom you made many Indian friends while you were spending your holiday in India.

They know how to love and how to respect the guests.


Love for Cricket

Through Incredible India: Facts about India You Should Know

India is a cricket crazy country. For people in India, cricket is another religion in which more than a billion people indulge.

The passion Indians have for cricket is amazing and beyond limit.

They skip their work-day, school, and college for a cricket match that may last from 3 hours to 5 days – depending on the format of the play.

Their passion for this gentleman’s game can easily surprise you while in your trip to India.

You can’t find a street where people don’t play cricket in the morning and in the late afternoon.

If you have a little knowledge about this beautiful game, you can make your India-trip even more memorable engaging your precious little time with the energetic children in the street.


Arts and Architectures

Through Incredible India: Facts about India You Should Know

India is very rich in art as well. Many old and monumental buildings present in India could take no time pleasing the visitors.

The arts used in the aged temples are magnificent and unique of their own kind.

The artists have tried to define the ‘kama sutras’ and the value of life through the arts in the temples.

Leave other architectures aside, the iconic Taj Mahal, in Agra, alone elaborates the art richness of India.

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