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Things You Should Never Say To Your LGBTQ Members

Things You Should Never Say To Your LGBTQ Members

For straight people watching television programs such as “Queer Eye” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” they think this is an accurate picture of how the LGBT community behaves daily.

There are certain lines that are routinely crossed which are not expected to occur.

With this, you are being disrespectful to the person you are talking to, especially LGBTQ Members.

So here we present to you the things you should never say to your LGBTQ members. If you want to know about it then stick with us till the end.


Never say ‘ You Don’t Look Like an LGBTQ”

Saying that a certain look or appearance is homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and many others may prove offensive.

So, there is no specific look or face for the LGBTQ family.

Making statements like “You’re too beautiful to be queer” or “You seem so masculine to be gay” actually reinforces false stereotypes about queer people.


Never Say “You’re My Gay Best Friend”

You should be ashamed of yourself if you’re gay and allow your straight friends, especially girls, to call you this.

“How do you react to this?” Further, if you allow other people to refer to you as your “Gay” best friend, you’re not only allowing others to belittle you, but you’re putting yourself in a highly offensive stereotype.


Never Compare your LGBTQ Coworker with a Queer Celebrity

It gives a bad message to your coworker when you try to compare them with a celebrity. Further, it may be a lazy conversation to start up. So yeah, they don’t want to hear about Ellen when you both meet up at the bathroom.

Staff attorney of Transgender Law Center, Dale Melchret said that: ” A cis person telling a trans person about the one trans person they know or one media reference about trans people they know is harmful because it is often irrelevant to the TGNC employee, and thus communicates a lack of thoughtfulness or education on TGNC issues.

Generally speaking, the tokenizing marginalized identity of stars as an attempt to connect with peers is not a popular way to make friends. Further, one can ask about hobbies and interests.


Never Ask “Who’s Man In The Relationship?”

This type of question may imply that you are asking about the sex life of a coworker, which is highly inappropriate.

As well as questioning “Are you a top or a bottom?” is a highly invasive question to your friend, just because they are queer.

Rather than, try asking the same questions to a straight coworker if you feel comfortable. If not, try to start a conversation with another subject.


Never Say ” I Never Guessed You’re Transgender”

Although some cisgender people can believe they’re giving a compliment, it can be incredibly harmful to tell your transgender or non-gender coworker that you think they’re “passing” as cisgender.

In essence, the idea of “passing” for cisgender means that a trans person can enter spaces without any questions, immediately as transgender or non-gender.

Framing passing as “nice” implies that the only way to be deemed acceptable to a transgender or non-gender individual is to “look cisgender.”


Questioning About Their Body As Sexual Harassment

In this topic, Melchert says: “It is also likely sexual harassment. There is a strange amount of voyeurism that cis people feel entitled to ask TGNC people that needs to stop.”

Questioning their body perpetuates the common misconception that all LGBTQ people want to undergo medical procedures in order to feel secure in their identity.

It is entirely up to the individual to choose to undergo gender-affirming procedures, Further, it is not a hard and fast rule.


Never Question About The Gender Toilet They Use

On this topic, Melchert said: ” Telling TGNC employees to use a different restroom is harmful because TGNC people face harassment and abuse in restrooms regularly. Many TGNC people are very nervous to use the restroom in public.”

According to the sources, it is more like disrespecting them.


Never Ask About How They Have Sex

This question often arises to transsexuals, intersexuals, and people in same-sex relations. However, it is incredibly offensive irrespective of who they are questioning.

If you really want to know the answer to your question, it is easy to access the information from people and communities online.


Never Ask If the LGBTQ Person Is The Man Or The Woman In The Relationship

Above all, this problem shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the notion of love for the same sex. Appreciate someone who comes forward and opens their hearts to you and share the emotional truth of who they are as people.

Instead of questioning, appreciate them by saying: “Thank you for coming out to me. I embrace you because you are who you are.”

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