Shad Gaspard, the former WWE superstar goes missing in Venice Beach; Shared a good relationship with his Son who was rescued

According to TMZ, Shad Gaspard, former WWE wrestler, was reported missing while swimming on May 17, 2020, at Venice Beach. Gaspard, who visited the beach with his son and wife Siliana, was among the swimmers at Venice Beach who were drawn into a rip current. Unfortunately, according to KABC-TV news affiliate, Gaspard was the only one who went missing in the incident.

The group had been trapped in one of the rip currents and were swimming just north of the lifeguard center, according to the lifeguard specialist. Explaining the situation, the lifeguard specialist, Pono Barnes in the interview with CNN said:

That’s why lifeguards were able to get there so soon, but unfortunately, one did, however, submerge.

While not naming Gaspard, officials in Los Angeles County told CNN they are actively looking for a swimmer after a rip current on Sunday afternoon swept him out to sea.

Gaspard’s wife, Siliana Confirmed Shad Gaspard was missing

In her Instagram account, Gaspard’s wife, Siliana, posted a message confirming that Shad Gaspard was missing. Additionally, Siliana also asked people just to give her a message if they see him or have any information.

Gaspard’s wife, Siliana Confirmed Shad Gaspard was missing
Gaspard’s wife, Siliana Confirmed Shad Gaspard was missing through her Instagram account
Source: Twitter

Particularly, revealing information about the disappearance of Gaspard, Sailiana in her Instagram account wrote:

If you’ve seen him please call 911 or Dm family

Shad Gaspard had a good bond with his Son

Gaspard, 39, and his ten-year-old son have reportedly been trapped in a rip current. Although lifeguards immediately went out to help them, Gaspard told them first to support his Son. Lifeguards were able to rescue Gaspard’s son but unfortunately, Shad was swept away by the rip current.

The news became more heartbreaking after the video of Gaspard and his son, enjoying at the beach was released. In particular, a few days before the tragic incident, the former WWE superstar shared the video of his son on his Instagram, explaining how blessed he felt about life.

On May 6, Gaspard posted a couple of pictures of his 10-year-old boy and a clip of them walking together on the beachside. Along with the pictures and videos, he wrote:

Love the life I built for my self and my family.

This clearly suggests that the relationship between son and father was inseparable. Although his son is rescued, we pray for him to get enough strength to overcome the pain.

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