Meet The Controversial Twitch Streamer, Alinity Divine: The Reason For Her Suspension & Animal Abuse

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As we all know, the social media platform has become a great means for the rising stars to express their talent. While working on these platforms, especially streaming personalities have to be more conscious about their activities. Alinity Divine, who has gathered a million followers on her Twitch account, she never steps back to look around what she was doing?

The Twitch personality has involved herself in many controversies including promoting nudities and animal abuse. In many of her streams, she is seen harming her pets, especially cats. After getting complaints from the public, Alinity’s Twitch account was suspended from Twitch for three days. Many fans still feel that the removal could be longer as her activities were not so impressable.

If you want to know in detail what was happened including the lifestyle of Alinity Divine, then read the below article until the end. Stay tuned with us.

Controversial Side of Alinity Divine

Alinity Divine, a Twitch Streamer, collected a huge mass of fans on the social platform, Twitch. Her name, Alinity Divine is derived from a game, World of Warcraft. She frequently plays the game and also broadcasts it live. Her real name is Natalia Mogollon.

Alinity is also active on YouTube with over 152k subscribers and keeps posting videos. Matter of fact, Alinity is involved in social media for a long time. In the beginning, Alinity has seen harming her pet cats during her streams. Due to this, she faced a lot of controversies on animal abuse which is all there in the recording.

The main reason for her suspension was her nip-slip controversy. During a stream on 24th April, her breast was shown on camera for a moment. On this, she faced controversies on promoting nudity on social media which was against the policies of the Twitch platform.

Also, many people report Alinity on this controversy. Twitch instantly removed the video and suspended her for three days.

Alinity Divine’s Controversial Videos, take a short look!!!


Alinity Divine’s Reaction on Her Suspension

Alinity Divine is active on many social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. After she received her temporary suspension letter for her Twitch account, she went to her Twitter and on 26th April 2020, she posted a caption along with a short video saying:

I’m getting a suspension YES! Our hard work finally paid off good job guys.

Alinity moreover reacted on the incidents:

I didn’t think you guys would notice it, honestly. I thought I was fast enough that nobody would notice it – the cat flying around the screen – but I guess everybody did. 

It’s probably already on Reddit or something and they’re probably already calling PETA and being like, ‘Send them to their house, the cat is dead, she killed the cat, live on stream Alinity kills cat.’ Seriously.

Although Divine’s videos were removed from her Twitch account, her fans have already saved those videos offline which is still available on the internet. After watching the nipple slip video of Alinity, one of the users called Twitch initial reluctance to ban her page saying:

a slap in the face to all female body paint streamers who have banned for less

So, the public is still not satisfied with her behavior with animals and on-stream. Many of them called to her permanent removal from Twitch, however, what are the Twitch policies?

Twitch Platform Policies

After observing everything carefully, a Twitch spokesperson told Insider.

Nudity is not permitted on Twitch. If accidental nudity appears on stream we expect the streamer to take immediate action to remove the content and take steps to ensure it won’t happen again. Accidental nudity is punishable with a warning, consistent with our policies, and repeated offenses will result in additional action.

For her animal abuse controversy, she also faced a petition which asked to ban her over allegations of animal abuse against her pets. However, Alinity denied the controversies, even if, all is there recorded. PETA investigated her action, however, it found they were “not malicious in nature”.

She lastly says:

I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I welcome it with open arms: the success and failures, the love and hate, the beautiful and ugly. Well, I will do my best to learn from my mistakes and tackle whatever comes next. I am not done yet.

Early Life & Professional Life of Alinity Divine

Alinity Divine is a social media personality. She was born on 10th January 1988 in Cali, Colombia. She has established herself on different social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. Only on her Twitch account, she has over a million subscribers. On Instagram, she has over 320k followers. On her YouTube channel, she has over 152k subscribers and frequently posts videos.

The Twitch star, Alinity has not yet mentioned much about her family and siblings. Her educational background is also not available on the internet. She rarely shares pictures with her family members on her social media profile.

Alinity Divine with her father, her brother and her nephew
Alinity Divine with her father, her brother and her nephew
Image Source: [email protected]

On 21st October 2019, she shared a picture with her father, her brother, and her nephew. She captioned the post:

More good times with my family in Colombia. This is my brother, my dad and my nephew! Hope everyone else plans to visit family soon if you can.

Some days before, on 3rd October, she had posted a picture with her mother which captioned:

Just heard some troubling news about my mom’s heart. I’ll be travelling to Colombia to see her soon. Hopefully everything goes okay, getting some tests done and we go from there.

Alinity Divine with her mother
Alinity Divine with her mother
Image Source: [email protected]

Alinity shares a strong relationship with her mother and often shares pictures on her different social media platforms. Mostly she shares her single pictures on her Instagram account and several pictures with her streaming fellows. She has not mentioned anything about her relationship status in the social media, however, she could be dating someone secretly. Let’s find out her net worth in the lower section of her biography.

What is Alinity Divine Net Worth?

As a social media personality, Alinity Divine earns a good sum of money from her streams and videos. As she is also active on her Instagram account, she has more earning through promotions of different brands and advertisements.

According to the Social Blade, she earns between $42 – $667 monthly and between $501 – $8K on a yearly basis from her YouTube channel. At present, she reportedly holds $1 Million net worth from her social media career. She is still active on social media and will surely add more money to her capital in the near future. At present, she is leading a lavish lifestyle.

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