Important Things only Real World can teach you

Life can be hard, especially if you haven’t figured out how to live it.

Well, to be honest, there are only a handful of people who have actually figured out how to live.

You can say others are just faking it. The proof? Our social media accounts.

Since an early age, we learn a lot of things. Whether it’s from our schools, parents, surroundings, or other people.

The difference, however, is how do we take those lessons and implement in our everyday life.

As we grow and start understanding things for what it is, our perspective starts to change.

Sure, schools and colleges teach us a lot of things. For example, how to read and write or solve a really hard maths equation.

But what it fails to teach us is how the real world, outside of school operates.

Sure, it talks about how hard it is to be successful in the real world and says its preparing students for it.

But the truth is schools don’t even come close to what real-life experiences can teach a human.

Schools might make us literate, give us knowledge about a lot of things. But you can’t compare what schools teach us to what we go through in life.

The struggles one goes through in life is probably the best teacher. It teaches people the real value of life which is probably more important than finding out the value of “x” or “y”.

Your own life is the best teacher you could get. And here are 7 important things only the real world can teach you.

Not everyone learns the same way.

This world is filled with more than 7 billion people. Each with a different state of mind and a different story to tell.

And since no one is the same, you can’t expect everyone to learn things the same way.

Different minds take things differently. The process of learning and processing things in everyone is also different.

Schools make sure that everyone needs to learn the things how they teach them.

But what real world teaches us is that not everyone learns the same way.

There are no rules in life.

When in school, we’re constantly reminded that we’ll never be successful if we don’t follow the rules.

Strict instructions are given for us to follow in order to achieve the best in life.

However, what no one tells us is that there are no particular rules in life.

Life isn’t some game for us to follow the rules. What’s important is how you achieve it and your morality.

And what the real world teaches us is that things will turn out to be better if we focus on the better things. Instead of worrying about breaking the rules that don’t even exist in the first place.

Your Passion matters.

From an early age, we’re taught to repress our passion and pursue something that is accepted in society.

We’re trained to become scholars but not a good human. And for our parents and teachers, following our passion is nothing but a waste of time.

The truth, however, is that your passion matters. It is actually a defense mechanism for you to be able to survive in the real world.

What the real world teaches you is that your passion is actually the best and most important thing you have.

And under no circumstances, you should ever lose it.

You’ll eventually realize what matters the most.

It was probably the most frustrating feeling when you see the whole class getting ahead with their papers and you’re stuck in one question.

It might have made you feel worthless and like you’re good for nothing excepting failing.

Well, at least that is what school made you feel.

But as you continue with life, you’ll start figuring things out. After all, life is a process of learning from all the dumb decisions one makes.

Eventually, things will fall into place and you’ll realize what really matters.

The importance of independence.

Schools teach us how important success is in one’s life. But what it fails to teach us is the importance independence should play in our life.

There is a different kind of happiness in being able to independent.

We’re taught so much about duties and responsibilities. But they forget to insert independence somewhere in between.

However, the importance of independence is something we get to learn on our own, thanks to the real world.

Failure is a good thing.

We all remember the instances where our parents would yell at us for failing a subject. And comparing us to the toppers and getting disappointed.

But if you ask any successful person, one thing they’d all say is the number of times they failed is so much more than the number of times they were successful.

So, what life teaches you and the schools won’t is how important failure is for us.

It’s okay to be different.

Like I mentioned earlier that the world is filled with a lot of people. So it’s not surprising that each of us has our own ways to do things.

Being an individual, we have individual opinions, ideas, thoughts, and creativity.

There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t like something everyone loves and vice versa.

When we think about it, the school prepares us for our future. But what they do is they try to mold us all into one shape.

But what the real world teaches us that there are more than 7 billion molds. And it’s up to us to take up whatever shape we want to.

So, there is nothing wrong with being different. It’s who you are and you should learn to embrace it.

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