Human Body Mysteries even Science can’t Explain

human body mysteries

With globalization and technology evolution around the world, we know about the function and multi cellular networks of a human body.

Yet, there are so many mysteries which even the incredible scientific breakthroughs have not been able to solve. Still there are so much about our bodies that we have yet to discover.

Our modern science is still puzzled by some of the features of individual physiology and psychology of the human body.

The way we move, and the way we choose to display our normal expressions that’s all mysterious.

Here we reveal some of the unsolved mysteries of the human body that even science can’t explain.



human body mysteries

It is still unclear and unproven what exactly makes a person laugh and enjoy.

Scientists believe that laughing is necessary to balance the mental processes but there is no exact answer to that.

Some theorize it is a signal to nervousness, some suppose that it is a reaction to a result being different from what we expect.

While others believe that it is expression of joy. They are all at least sort of correct, because no one knows for certain why we laugh.



human body mysteries

Pain is another unsolved human body mysteries which is uncomfortable, but universal expression.

It is one of the very first and last things we encounter in our life.

But what exactly is pain? How does it work? Does it feel same for everyone?

If you have trouble coming up with answers to those question, don’t feel bad because science can’t answer them either.



human body mysteries

There is no rational sense in superstitions, yet they exist since our ancestors’ period.

Scientists have claimed the vitality of superstitions to be based on a will to have control over difficult situations.

But for people, it is a belief on what shall be done and what not.

We become more superstitious when we get in trouble and prefer to shift the blame onto a black cat rather than admitting our own mistakes.

However, there is no strong prof of why superstition exist and still is a mystery.



human body mysteries

When our ancestors existed, they firmly believed dreams occur when a person’s soul temporarily left their body to wander the world.

As, we sleep, we dream the things our soul sees in its journey.

Scientists claimed dreams to be a reflection of our unconscious desire.

Yet, some claimed it to occur in our brain as a result of the random electrical activity. However, the mystery of our dreams is still unsolved and even science can’t explain why.


Left handed people

human body mysteries

About 90 percent of people in the world are right handed people to save time who are referred as being normal.

The other 10 percent are left handed, again purely in the interest of saving time, who are referred as distinguish people.

Scientists have been trying to come up with an answer to the left handed people since many years, but so far it has remained a mystery.

We assume that being left handed is purely genetic which means that genes are responsible for it.

Yet, science has not been able to explain why people have ability to work left handed.


Being nice to other

human body mysteries

Scientists have been trying to unlock the secret of unselfishness for the better past century.

Way back, when survival was all that mattered, if you had found a tiered layer cake sitting in the middle of the forest, instead of sharing, you would have run directly to your own survival instinct, wouldn’t you?

But with the change of time, it is more than just surviving.

Today life is about sharing love, sharing food and stuffs with each other.

Yet, it is still an unsolved mystery why people do so.

Scientists claim it because of globalization, being social animals yet, the exact evidence is yet to be known.


Creating Arts

human body mysteries

Individuals are created in such a way that they cannot resist without enjoying beautiful things even if they have no specific purpose.

Scientists think that beauty in some way helps people build better objects.

They believe that creating works of arts helps a person develop their brain and most efficiently uses it to cope with practical situation.

But it is still a belief right? It is linked with the psychological effect, yet the fact is mysterious.



Other than making people feel uncomfortable, hiccups do not seem to have any purpose, hence remaining one of the human body mysteries.

The best hiccups cure might be simply distracting a person for a few minutes or drinking lots of water until they go away.

Some people believe that hiccups occurs when someone remembers you while other believe that it occurs when body isn’t fit and you are having some sort of weakness.

However, the exact answer to why hiccups occurs in human body is unsolved both by the doctors and the scientists.



Scientists have no clear answer to why people start blushing when they get into award position, meet someone they like, or even when caught in a lie.

It looks as if individuals are sending a signal saying to others that “I like you” or “I am a liar and cheat”.

Science claims that a red face or blushing is a sign of lying.

A red-faced liar sends a signal to the people around him or her to show that he or she is ready to apologize, which makes other people more likely to forgive him or her.