How Parents can Deal with Disrespectful Children

Disrespectful Children

I’ve heard many people talk about how one’s life changes once they become a parent. And when you look at disrespectful children nagging at their mothers in a mall, it proves the point.

People say that children are a gift from God. But when you see these angry, disobedient, and spoiled children jumping and yelling around because they didn’t get what they wanted, you sure do want to think twice before getting one of these.

Almost no mother would ever say my child is defiant and disobedient. Every child is an angel in their parent’s eyes.

But you need to open those eyes and see what your precious is getting into.

Children can be a serious problem sometimes. Especially the ones who haven’t yet learned their boundaries or simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

They might throw random tantrums anywhere, roll their eyes, talk back to you, and not listen to anything you say.

This happens especially when they are teenagers but they might start showing the signs as early as 3.

It’s particularly hard for the first time parents to tame their children because they have no idea what they’re getting into. But that doesn’t mean it’s easier for the parents of teenagers.

It might be frustrating but many-a-times its parents’ fault that their children turn out that way.

So, instead of wondering what went wrong, you should probably look at the ways you’re raising your children and the lessons you’re giving them.


Where does such behavior emerge from?

A child’s first school is their home and their first teacher is their parents. So, everything a child learns is from his/her family and surroundings.

So before regretting that your child turned out to be a disrespectful and defiant brat, make sure that you as a parent are a good teacher.

Children don’t just learn from what we teach them, they also learn from our behavior.

Whenever you have an argument with your partner, make sure it’s not affecting your child in any manner.

It is also important to give good values and mannerism to your kids so that they know how to be well-behaved.

Conversation solves a lot of problems. So, try communicating with your kids as much as possible. Do not make them feel that they need to be scared of you at any point in life.

Here are some of the ways parents can deal with disrespectful children.


Stop spoiling them.

Disrespectful Children

We all know we love our kids. They mean everything to us. And as parents, we’re the providers.

So, as soon as our kids demand something we just close our eyes and buy it for them.

This is where parents don’t realize they’re making a mistake. It’s okay to buy things that are of value. Things that the children can utilize properly.

But flowing cash like water so you can fulfill your child’s each and every wish is a huge mistake.

Because once they get used to being spoiled, they might never stop. They turn out disrespectful because they don’t know the value of things.

And once it’s habitual, if you say no they’ll become the most violent creatures ever known.

So, set boundaries and make sure you’re not giving them too much.


Let them know straight away.

Often time children don’t really know what they’re saying. They just mimic what they learn.

They might be being disrespectful to you or someone else and they might not even realize it.

So, as a parent, it’s your duty to let them know when it’s not acceptable.

By letting them know that it’s not cool to give attitude to other people right away, they learn it immediately. And it’s easier in the future.

One important thing parents should know is that; don’t just let them know when they’re being disrespectful. You can also acknowledge the good behavior they show and congratulate them for being a good person.


 Explain the consequences.

As adults, we know that everything we do, have consequences, no matter if it’s good or bad.

But kids don’t necessarily know how the world works. So they don’t know that their actions have repercussions.

It is your duty as parents to teach your kids that good thing attract good vibes. And if they’re disrespectful and dishonoring, they’re going to have to deal with the consequences that are coming their way.

Now, the repercussion can be anything; from grounding them to limiting certain things like TV time, outdoor time, videogame times, etc.

Let your kids know that being disrespectful is not the way it works anywhere and if they wanted to act like it anyway, then they need to deal with the outcome themselves.


Be calm.

Disrespectful Children

Dealing with a disrespectful child can be very difficult. It gives you a constant headache.

Sometimes, it can be so overwhelming that all you want to do is lash out. And scream so loud, the whole neighborhood could listen.

But this will make the matter even worse. You might not understand why your child is acting the way he is, but you know if you lose your cool, you might not be able to handle the situation too well.

Whenever your child is talking back to you or giving you an attitude, understand that it’s better to stay calm.

You’ll achieve nothing if you start yelling and screaming at them for doing something.

Always be rational and calm which will help you handle your kids and their tantrums better.


Discipline them.

When we were little, our parents used too many harsh ways to discipline us. All the millennial kids know what they had to go through for raising their voices even a little bit.

Of course, most of the ways we learned are illegal now. But it taught us that discipline is very important for everyone.

It’s up to the parents to teach their kids good morals and values. Good values help children turn out better and grow up to be respectful.

Hence, teaching them good discipline reduces the chances of them being defiant.

And raising children in a good environment is a must for their better development.

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