Hobbies That Can Help You with Your Anxiety

Having some hobbies is a very important part of a balanced life which keeps us recharged all the time.

Hobbies can not only be great to get you an aim, but also be relaxing and relieve depression and anxiety.

There are lots of ways to manage anxiety, picking up a relaxing hobby or two can be a great way to relieve some of its symptoms.

Here are some great hobbies that can help you feel calm and fulfilled and rid of your anxiety:



Hiking is not only just helpful for anxiety but for so many other diseases and well being of human being.

Obviously, there are the physical benefits of getting exercise, but it is more than just that.

Getting outside and walking into the nature can increase your levels of vitamin D and help you get out of anxiety.

Researches have shown that people who walk for 90 minutes in nature are less likely to worry and ruminate.

To reap the benefits, you can stroll round your neighborhood, walk in the park. These activities will make you buys in yourself as a result reducing anxiety.



Helping others makes people feel very good about themselves as a result forgetting their own problems.

When you’re supporting others you are able to focus on their needs which will quite an anxious mind.

Helping someone else enables the helper to feel in control, which also reduced anxiety symptoms.


Getting Creative

Often when you are feeling depressed or anxiety it can be hard to get motivated on your own.

So, getting creative by doing crafts can be a great way to get your mojo back. You can start with a simple project and move on from there.

There are hundreds of crafts you can try. It’s nice to start by making something for yourself or your home.

Like crafting, other types of creativity can be helpful in managing anxiety. Painting, writing, reading are all methods of decreasing anxiety symptoms.

These creative outlets allow you to create your own world outside of your worries and fear.



Photography can be a great way to lift your mood up from anxiety and depression.

All you have to do is look through the lens of a camera and view the world in a different way.

You can start by looking for the beauty in everything including nature and forget about all your pain.

If you feel negative a lot, then it is definitely worth giving photography a try.



We all know that music can change our mood from bad to good. Who hasn’t felt uplifted when their favorite happy song comes on?

You can use this effect to relieve your anxiety and depression. Whether you are playing music or listening to it, it benefits your anxiety.

If you have ever fancied learning an instrument, you can find tutorials online and many instruments, such as guitars.

Well, if you don’t want to learn a music instrument, you can try singing or listening music on YouTube.



Creative activities have been demonstrated to reduce heart rate, while also decreasing the producing of the body’s stress hormones.

And the same is true of the mental focus needed to complete a project, which can move you into a meditative state.



Cooking or baking is another best way to reduce anxiety, even if you aren’t the best at it.

These might be hobbies worth getting into, if only for their ability to relieve stress.

Any activity that allows a shift of focus away from the mind is beneficial in calming anxiety.

So, no matter what the outcome of your cooking or baking is, just enjoy it for that moment and forget everything.



Exercising, however you enjoy, is a great way to distract and reduce anxious thoughts.

While exercising you will only be focusing on it rather than the cause of your pain or trouble.

As a result, it enables endorphins to be released that causes happiness, which can also combat anxiety symptoms.

You can also go to a dance class, ride bike, hike on the woods or even play with your family members as a result of exercise.



Gardening is another hobby that can boost your mood and relieve your anxiety quickly.

Getting involved in gardening can focus your attention and stop you from worrying about your problems.

Research indicated that ‘Therapeutic horticulture may decrease depression severity and improve perceived attention capacity by engaging effortless attention.”

If you do not have a garden, you can also get involved in a community gardening project to reduce anxiety.


Playing Games

Whether it’s playing video games, or board games, keeping mind engaged in activities helps forget a lot of problems.

Video games gives the opportunity for both engagement with the game as well as with other people.

If you look for games that follow a narrative, it will help you to make sense of the world, and allow your feelings free.