Failed Fashion Trends

failed fashion trends

Fashion is probably the most consistent thing on this planet. There is a whole different trend every season.

If that wasn’t enough, fashion trends differ in the streets and on the runway. Not everything you see on the runway is street appropriate.

To be honest, who in their right mind would walk around wrapping a blanket? (Lowkey, who wouldn’t want to?)

Some fashion trends, like sneakers with dresses, or slip-dress over a t-shirt is something we’d all stan. And it’s definitely here to stay.

But some trends like corsets or baggy jeans are a big no-no.

There are also some risky fashion trends like the shoulder-pads or the denim-on-denim that everyone can’t pull. You either have to be Rihanna to do it right. Or, you’d need a really good stylist to make it work for you.

So before getting out of your house with bell-bottoms pants and ugg boots, take a look in the mirror and step out.

Here are the 5 failed fashion trends that are so worse, you’d never want to wear it again.

Jumpsuits/Rompers for Men.

I don’t even know where to begin with this trend. There is not a single thing that is right with it.

First things first, men and jumpsuits, they never go together. While we were thankful that jumpsuits for men were left behind in the 70s, rompers came out of nowhere. And it was a disaster.

Imagine grown men walking around in onesies, that’s not really onesies; a nightmare set to happen.


As if socks weren’t enough to warm our legs, people had to go ahead and invent legwarmers, didn’t they?

This hideous “is it a sweater? Is it socks?” looking trend is probably the worst fashion trend to ever exist.

Because honestly, it doesn’t go well. Neither with jeans nor with yoga pants.

So you better stop expanding this failed fashion trend right now.

Sweaters around the Neck.

Everyone isn’t Shah Rukh Khan to pull the sweater around your neck look. Honestly, even Shah Rukh looked hideous.

Guys, if you own a sweater, wear it like it’s intended to and don’t wrap it around your neck.

Extreme cut out jeans.

Whoever made these jeans surely don’t know the scrutiny one goes through wearing cut out jeans in front of their families.

The minor rips here and there wasn’t enough that they want us to walk around naked now?

Ugg Boots.

Ugg boots look exactly like they sound – ugg-ly. And it’s only safe to keep it hidden inside your closets, forever.

Or, you can let your baby-chicken sleep in it as it is really warm.

But making it a fashion statement and try to bring it back is the biggest fashion crime you’re committing.

Stiletto Style Manicures.

Cardi B might be flashing her nails and inspiring you to get stiletto style manicure, but trust me, it’s not worth it.

She has people doing things for her, but you don’t. So its more of a hazard than fashion.

The only upside of this manicure is that you can use it as a weapon. Because it can seriously injure someone.


There are hundreds of awful hairstyle trends that could’ve made the list, but the mullet tops it all.

This failed fashion trend that almost all men had in the 80s is so terrible, that it’s worth a mention.

Because it might be making a comeback and we don’t want that to happen at any cost.

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