China Rejects Canada’s Apology Over Wu-Tang Clan T-Shirts

China Rejects Canada's Apology over Wu-Tang t-shirt

China rejects Canada’s apology over an order of t-shirt stating that it was a direct insult to the nation. The t-shirt in question is a modified logo of the American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

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The t-shirts arrived this week at the Canadian embassy in Beijing that was ordered last summer. Unfortunately, the design wasn’t as clever as they suspected.

The t-shirt had the “W” logo of Wu-Tang that looks like a bat. But they replaced the “Wu-Tang” with “Wuhan”. This infuriated the Chinese government and led them in accusing Canada of insulting China for the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Chinese critics, the “W” in the t-shirt is a bat. And the addition of “Wuhan” implies the connection between the bat and the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.


The foreign ministry of Canada issued an apology for the misunderstanding this week saying that it wasn’t “intended as a slight”.

Christelle Chartrand, Canada’s foreign ministry spokesperson said, “this was a personal initiative from an employee and was not endorsed by the embassy nor Global Affairs Canada.”  “We regret the misunderstanding,” she added further.

However, the Chinese foreign ministry reports that Canada’s explanation was “not convincing”.

“The Canadian side should take the matter seriously and give a clear explanation to the Chinese side as soon as possible,” said Wang Wenbin, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson.