All You Need To Know About Kelsey Weier From The Bachelors

Kelsey Weier from ‘The Bachelor’ | Maarten de Boer/ABC via Getty Images

Kelsey Weier is an American TV personality. She holds the beauty pageant titleholder of Miss Iowa 2017. Additionally, Kelsey Weier was raised by her single mother. She has a younger twin sister named Kayla and another younger sister named Kalason. Weier stopped talking to her father after he left their family to start a new life in Mexico.

Kelsey Weier
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Peter Weber eliminated her in the eight weeks of the show. She lists her career as a professional clothier. As vague as it sounds, it turns out she has been working at Tom James since 2017. However, people in America started to recognize the 28-year-old countrywide only after she entered on the TV series “The Bachelors”.

Who is Kelsey Weier?

Kelsey Weier was born on April 3, 1991, as the older twin sister to Kayla Weier. She also has a younger sister. The former Miss Iowa was born on the West Des Moines, Iowa. When Kelsey was young, her father left the family, so her mother raised three of the kids on her own. Kelsey’s younger sister works for the Phoenix Suns.


“As a proud self-starter, I was responsible for the planning, organization, and deployment of a long-running ambitious campaign, which involved competing at the highest level alongside other similarly driven individuals,” Kelsey said about herself on her Linked-In profile.

Furthermore, Kelsey Weier is the Miss Iowa 2017 and one of the contestants in the Peter Weber’s The Bachelor show.

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She reportedly didn’t end up in the top10 of the Miss USA pageant and had to end it there. She successfully managed to stay on the bachelor show for eight weeks before being eliminated. Weier was eliminated by Peter himself.

How was Kelsey Weier’s Childhood and her parents’ divorce?

Kelsey Weier’s parents divorced when she was studying in grade 7. She said to Peter Weber on the show about her parent’s divorce,

“When my parents got a divorce, I found out before my mom did. I came home from basketball practice and there was a letter written on the counter with my dad’s wedding ring. He moved to Mexico and started his own life. He has his whole family.” 


Kelsey Weier
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Weier’s father, Scott had written a book where he mentioned the Beth was Molested by her father. However, Beth filed a case against him on the court. This meant that it wasn’t easy for Weier to grow up in a broken family.

Weier’s Education and career:

Kelsey attended cosmetology school and worked as a professional color and extensions specialist before she participated in Miss Iowa.

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What are Kelsey Weier’s Height and measurements?

Kelsey Weier is 5 ft 7 inches or 1.70 m tall in height. She has beautiful blue eyes and has a naturally blonde hair color. 

Weier’s Boyfriend and relationships:

Apart from being on The Bachelors with Peter Weber, Weier has managed to keep her relationships private. Her mother, however, said in an interview for the show that she might actually have fallen in love with Peter.


Brett, Kelsey’s mom said on the show to Peter, “You walked in the door and I know my daughter. When she loves, she loves like no other. It takes a lot for her, and that’s why I guess I’m so shocked that we’re here today, because it proves you’re a very special person. Nobody’s ever done this, Peter. Ever,”.

How much is Kelsey Weier’s Net Worth and Salary?

Kelsey Weier has had to work and become successful through her hard work. At present, she is worth anywhere between $100,000-$500,000 USD. This is subject to change after the show ends and if she starts a new career elsewhere. On the other hand, Kelsey is believed to earn between $20,188 and $35,000 as a salary, working as a hairstylist.

How far Kelsey got on the Bachelors?

Kelsey got as far as till the eighth week on the show. She was eliminated by Peter Weber. Weier actually didn’t have many controversies and didn’t get involved in any kind of drama. However, in one episode when Hannah Ann Sluss ended up drinking her Dom Perignon champagne and everything was a mess.

The night didn’t end well for Weier as she became a meme by the end. As she tried to drink champagne from the bottle, it fizzed out inside her mouth.

Kelsey Weier’s Instagram:

Weier started using her Instagram since 2013 March. Her official Instagram is @kelsey_weier. At present, she has about 218,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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