Afghan Women’s Soccer Players Fleeing The Taliban, Find Refuge In Australia

Afghan Women’s Soccer Players Fleeing The Taliban, Find Refuge In Australia

A plane left on Tuesday from the Taliban left Kabul for Australia. It is caring for more than 75 Afghan female soccer players including officials and relatives as well. Australia is the first country to a plea from a human-right lawyer and multinational network of athletes.

Moreover, there are still many more imperiled athletes in Afghanistan. The country is still evacuating efforts continue around the clock. Also, trying to outreach with multiple countries including the United States. 

Efforts of Taiban are Getting Challenging:

Although the country is putting in much effort into outreach. However, it is getting challenging day by day. Haley Charter played a very important role in orchestrating the initial evacuation. 

Furthermore, with Fifpro, the international soccer player union, and other advocates working with the government. Charter is a former U.S Marine Corps officer and former assistant coach of Afgan’s women team who aims to grant the athletes asylum. 

According to Carter, the team is hoping to get as many over the next couple of days. Although the window is closing. The team is alluding to the August 31 deadline of the Taliban for the withdrawals of all foreign troops. 

Perspective Of Further Evacuations:

With the Taliban’s subsequent announcement later Tuesday, the prospect of further evacuations grew dimmer. It was blocking nationals of Afghans from reaching the airport. 

Moreover, the operational and political hundreds were monumental. During World War II, many athletes and their families were gunfire and beaten at Taliban checkpoints en route to the Kabul airport.

Carter said, ‘It’s nothing short of a miracle’ praising the work of military coalition forces from Sweden, Britain, Canada, United States, and Australia for helping the athlete to reach the airport. 

There were 77 Afghan evacuees while the plane left Kabul for Australia. However, the exact number of players was unclear. But then, athletes were to account for more than half joined by relatives, sports, and officials under threat.

Women In Position of Danger:

Denmark, Popal had warned the players to burn their jerseys and stay in their homes. Under the Taliban girls and women are forbidden from playing sports. Moreover, they are pressured to leave their home only with a male chaperone. 

Both the athletes and activist women have been in a dangerous position. Around the world on the behalf of peers thanks to the international community for coming to their aid, Fifpro said. 

It reminds us to support and settle these young women and urge the international community to make sure they all receive help. Furthermore, there are still so many athletes at risk in Afghanistan. To support them, every possible effort should be made. 

Taliban’s Return to Power. 

The female athletes face danger this month with the Taliban’s return to power. The outreach of female soccer players started on August 12. It started after the government approached six countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, and Belgium about granting visas. 

The first country to offer humanitarian visas was Australia. To facilitate the process for the Afghan athletes. The work of an Australian human rights activist was cited by Fifpro.

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