33-Year-Old Mother Wins the Miss Germany 2021 Pageant

Miss Germany 2021

On Saturday evening (27th Feb 2021), the election of Miss Germany took place in a fierce competition in Europa-Park Arena between 15 finalists. However, this time around, it was a bit different. This year, the Miss Germany pageant was a revamped beauty contest focused more on a women’s Conviction and personality rather than being valued in just beauty. Thus, Anja Kallenbach, A 33-year-old mother of two daughters, won the crown of Miss Germany 2021. Last year’s winner Leonie von Hase presented her with the Sash.


YouTube live broadcast the entire show during the finale. However, due to COVID19 restrictions, no audience was present for the events. The Events tagline was: “Empowering authentic women” and personality. The organizer also ditched the classic Swimsuit walk rather than being valuable for the beauty.

Miss Germany: Empowering Authentic Women

Miss Germany: Anja Kallenbach Candidate from eastern state THURINGIA, is an entrepreneur and the 33-year mother of 2 daughters. With her historic win, she is a role model to other women aspiring to be beauty queens.


Her accumulated experience of life, her professionalism as a mother, friend, and life-affirming person and encourage everyone to live their dream.

Before Turing 17, the new Miss Germany left school and went to study business management.  At the age of 27, she started her career in modeling. Both her daughters were born when she began her career as a model. She is an entrepreneur where she runs two bicycle businesses. 

 About the show:

This time the Miss Germany competition format changed after receiving criticism on the objectification of women. Despite the competition format change, the contestants were still asked to answer the question about family, home, and beauty and care. The contestants also came out with different outfits even they claimed to give no more importance to appearance, beauty.


In this year’s Miss Germany, the Contestants also included an activist fighting against fatphobia, a woman with an ileostomy, a witness of Jehovah, and also a survivor of sexual violence. The candidates proved a women’s conviction and personality through their unique messages rather than value the beauty.

This is the second time where the competition took place after a revamp objectives to focus on Women’s Conviction and personality rather than their beauty.

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