Yuri Gagarin: Everything You Need To Know About First Man in Space

Yuri Gagarin: Everything You Need To Know About First Man in Space

Yuri Gagarin was a legendary soviet air forces astronaut who rose to iconic stardom after being the first man in space. He was the first pilot, a human being who explore the outer space. Besides, on 12 April 1961, his flight lasted 108 minutes. He circled the outer orbit of Earth in the Vostok spacecraft of the Soviet Union.

The first man to be in space, Yuri is a soviet cultural hero. Even today almost more than six decades his numerous artifacts, busts are displayed in Russian space museums. Moreover, Gagarin remains are buried in Kremlin, Moscow. Well, part of his used spacecraft is still present at the RKK Energiya museum.

Yuri Gagarin’s mission

Hero of the Soviet Union Order, Lenin Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR has accomplished many things in his life. Mission to space was impossible before 1961. However, the Soviets used the Vostok spacecraft prototype to send test flights into space. They sent a life-size dummy named Ivan Ivanovich and a dog Zvezdochka into space during this flight. Further, the Soviets considered the vessel capable of taking a human into space after the test flight.


Yuri Gagarin: First Man in Space
Yuri Gagarin: First Man in Space, NASA

NASA’s Apollo 11, the first mission to put men on the moon, managed to land in July 1969 and the crew left behind a Gagarin-named. Over some time, the Soviet Union and the U.S worked together for their spaceflight endeavors. Also, The first joint spaceflight between the US and the Soviets was named Apollo-Soyuz in 1975.

Until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, NASA sent several space shuttle astronauts to the Soviet / Russian space station at Mir.

The Soviet space program’s triumph getting the first man into space was a massive blow to the United States. Besides, until February 1962, when astronaut John Glenn made three orbits in Friendship 7, Gagarin had orbited Earth, a feat that eluded the U.S. space program. Before other countries like the USA, china’s Soviet Union has taken a huge leap in the space race.

Gagarin’s Biography

Yuri Gagarin was born 9 March 1934 in the small village of Klushino and he was the third child to his parents Alexey Ivanovich Gagarin, carpenter and Anna Timofeyevna Gagarina, a dairy farmer. Moreover, Gagarin grew up with his siblings, brothers Valentin (1924) and Boris (1936), and sister Zoya (1927).

Yuri Gagarin's Biography, early life
Yuri Gagarin’s Biography, early life, history

Yuri began an apprenticeship at a steel plant in Lyubertsy, near Moscow, at the age of 16 in 1950. He went to industrial college at Saratov. After enrolling in a flying club, he made his first solo flight in 1955.

The Gagarin family suffered during the Nazi rule of the Soviet Union during World War II alongside millions of Soviet Union citizens.

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Gagarin’s Legacy

Yuri Gagarin titled as an international hero after returning to earth. An overwhelming hundred of crowds greeted him in Red Square, a public plaza in Moscow. Moreover, the international hero travels around the world celebrating the historic achievement.

Yuri Gagarin's after returning to eath
Yuri Gagarin’s after returning to earth, The Moscow Times

Gagarin was appointed as a commander of the Cosmonauts’ Detachment. Also, he was the deputy of the Supreme Soviet. Gagarin never made as a first man on the moon but engaged actively in the training of other cosmonauts.

Gagarin’s Legacy Death

Yuri Gagarin was died alongside with co-pilot Seryogin on March 27, 1968. He was testing a jet fighter aircraft name MiG-15. Further, Alexei Leonov, Soviet and Russian cosmonaut said that Yuri’s death was due to technical as well as conspiratorial.

The Soviet government, military, and KBG analyze some of the claims that Gagarin was intoxicated. Despite the rumors, the aircraft went out of control when Seryogin was taking potshots of wild deer.

Matter of fact, Declassified documents in 2003 revealed that the KGB had accused air traffic controllers. Air controllers unintentionally send bad weather data to the pilot. The intelligence agency indicated that Gagarin and Seryogin were led to believe that a cloud bank was higher than they were, giving them insufficient recovery time from a fall.

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