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You’re Losing Money by Not Using Menstrual Cups

holding menstrual cups

Let’s all admit it, periods are annoying. We bleed out. It’s painful and let’s not even start about the cramps. But the most annoying part that added to this monthly dose of annoyance is buying period products.

Finding the right menstrual product itself is a trial and error process. The cheaper products don’t work right, and the good ones are too expensive. And for buying them 12 times every year throughout your life is well, hella EXPENSIVE.

Let’s talk about the cost of having periods:

For tampon users, the cost adds up to about $ 1,800. That is, one tampon is used every 6 hours, then you will need about 4 tampons a day, meaning that you will need 20 tampons for your average 5-day cycle. So you will be using 9,120 tampons in your lifetime. And this assumes you are buying 36-pack tampons for $7 for 38 years.

pads, tampons and pantylinersSimilarly, for sanitary pad users, the cost is roughly $4,752. Also, don’t forget the added costs of those ruined panties that you will have to replace. It rounds at about $2,280.We are not even going to talk about the prices of organic tampons and plastic-free pads.

Likewise, it not only costs us, females, to use tampons and pads, but it also has a severe negative impact on the environment. An average woman adds about 300 lbs (about 136 kg) of period product waste dumped into landfills and the ocean. Tampons, panty liners, and especially sanitary pads take decades to decompose. The biggest offender among them being sanitary pads which take 900 years to decay. 

Another concern added to this is the sheer volume of pads and tampons needed to wear and change. We need to change pads every 6 hours and tampons every 4 to 8 hours. Much of our time over buying and changing menstrual products. And we all know that time is money.

And I, a representative of the uterus having humans, am saying that I am simply tired of this!

Astonishingly, there is a straightforward solution to all of these problems. And they are the holy grail for the period-having kind, and they are MENSTRUAL CUPS!!!

Gone are the days when you had to worry about buying expensive tampons and pads every month, when you cry over your cute panties getting stained, and when you have to lose money over periods.

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Because Menstrual Cups are here to save you and your money!

woman holding a menstrual cup

A menstrual cups are a reusable menstrual product. They are small and flexible cups that can be inserted into your vagina to catch and collect blood. They are made out of silicon and have proven to hold more blood than tampons and pads. 

Menstrual Cups are the newest and the best period product to grace the market. Menstrual Cups or period cups have made it to Youtube videos to newspaper articles, and people can’t stop raving about its best qualities.

Firstly, menstrual cups are incredibly cheap compared to other menstrual products like sanitary pads, panty liners, or even tampons. They cost anything from $7 to $30. And the best part about it is you can use them from 6 months up to 10 years. 

Diva Cup, a famous menstrual cup example, costs around $30 and lasts for about 10 years. And in those 10 years, you won’t have to worry about buying any period product.

So if you are using an average menstrual cup, you will only be spending about $80 in your whole lifetime. 

Secondly, menstrual cups are environment-friendly. You will be going through about only 6 of them in your whole lifetime. You will be saving the world 300 extra pounds of waste and cutting 9120-period products from landing in the landfill or the ocean. Think about it you will be saving a lot of money and also saving turtles.

As an addition to that, you will be saving A LOT of time. While using the menstrual cup, you will only have to dump it out every 12 hours. So typically, you will be saving yourself time by going to change every 4-6 hours. You will also be saving time from buying period products every month.

With all of that said, I am just going to say that Menstrual Cups sound like a win-win product. You will be saving time, money, and even turtles with just one product.

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