Worst Movies of All Time, According to the Critics

When it comes to deciding whether a movie is good or bad, there’s always critics to do their job.

There are movies that enjoys critical acclaims and commercial success.

But, there are also movies that flops at the box office and gets savaging comments by some well-known critics.

There have been thousands of terrible movies released down every year, some of which can be quite enjoyable in the right setting.

Some worst movies fall into the ‘so-bad-turned-good’ category and end up being alternative favorites.

While others are simply downright unwatchable either because the movie is so boring or the characters are.

From horror movies like “The Nun” to romantic ones like “Fifty Shades of Freed”, there are piles of worst movies of all time.

Below, in this article are the worst movies of all time that you can barely be able to watch.


Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin is not only the worst movie of Batman, but the worst movies of all time.

The film tells the story of Batman and Robin as they attempt to prevent Mr. Freeze and Poision Ivy from freezing all mankind to death.

From the neon design to the overblown script of the infamous Batnipples, it’s become a byword for franchise killing and bad movie making.

However, the only good part of this worst movie of all time is Alicia Silverstone’s arse in the Batgirl suit.

According to Anthony Lane, a critic at The New Yorker, “the cast was quite a line-up, boasting a board choice of dramatic styles.”

The fact that all those involved came up with their worst imaginable performance led the movie cohesion and integrity


Battlefield Earth

A Saga of the Year 3000 is John Travolta’s infamously terrible and worst movies of all time, released in 2000.

Based on the novel from Scientology founder L Hubbard, the movie follows the journey of a human slave fighting back against the alien overlords who have enslaved earth.

From the laughable dialogue, ridiculous prosthetics to the special effects, the movie took eight Golden Raspberry Awards home.

The only way this worst movie of all time could be more ridiculous if those characters involved played it dead serious.

According to one of the critics, “Battlefield Earth was bad enough to make audiences ashamed to be part of the same species as the people who made it.”

Not only that, the critical drubbing back in 2014 swayed Travolta for his choice.

However, he defended one of the worst movies of all time by calling it a “beautiful film”.


Epic Movie

Filmmakers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have been responsible for making some of the worst movies of all time.

They have been responsible for some of the most pointless, lazy and unforgivable movies of the past decade.

But, Epic Movie makes on the list of worst movies of all time because it offers lot more than worse.

This movie offers the most uninspired, unfunny film pastiches imaginable.

Sometimes the movie even repeats the entire sections of dialogue verbatim from the movies including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and X-Men.

The waste of some actual talent including Crispin Glover makes the movie even more worst.

According to critics, “the cinematic equivalent of a tapeworm, this delivers few laughs beyond the initial chucks of recognition.”


Sex Lives of the Potato Men

Directed and screen written by Andy Humphries, the film is about the sexual antics of a group of potato delivery men in Brimingham.

Two chip-shop delivery men dreaming of wild sex and easy women slipping into boorishness and unpolished jokes makes the film one of the worst movies of all time.

All of that might have been ok if the jokes were funny.

But, all of the dialogues are so cringe and nasty that everyone feels embarrassed for watching the movie.

The only good part of this one of the worst movies of all time is Lucy Davis, who deserves much better character than he played here.

According to James Christopher, critics of The Times, “this is one of the two most nauseating films ever made.”


The Room

James Franco’s The Disaster Artist in 2017 immortanized Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

Famed far and wide as the most inexpert film ever made, The Room combines the worst of every discipline.

The film went to the extent that Entertainment Weekly dubbed it as “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”.

However, the strange, nonsensical story line, stilted dialogue and baffling subplots made it to the list of ‘so bad it’s good’.

As per the Guardian said in their review, “To make a movie that’s so bad its good you need vision, drive, luck and obsessive vanity”.


Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie is a 2008 American parody film written and directed by Jason Freiberg and Aaron Seltzer.

Giving 1% score to the movie, Rotten Tomatoes named it as one of the worst movies of all time.

The directors’ hacks behind a string of god-awful parodies, turn their sights on a genre.

But as usual scattered aim end up hitting innocent audience to fill their 90 minutes without using a single original dialogue.

The reason for Disaster Movie being one of the worst movies of all time is the notion of replaying entire scenes from much better films.

According to William Goss, critic of Cinematical, “Disaster Movie is a disaster first and a movie barely.”


Howard the Duck

Marvel might have the superhero blockbuster market cornered these days but that was far from the case of 80s.

Howard the Duck became the first Marvel character to get the big screen treatment since Captain America.

From the preposterous suit to the weird human/duck love interest at the heart of the film.

It had a certain kitschy charm, if someone says that ignore it, because it has made it to one of the worst movies of all time.

The movie has a tiny man in a duck suit wandering around Cleveland.

And smoking cigarettes and has a weird duck sex scene.

According to critics, “as you watch Howard the Duck you get the vivid sensation that you’re watching not a movie, but a pile of money being poured down the drain.”



Directed by Paul Verhoeven and screen written by Joe Eszterhas, the film is about an American buddy cop paired for a reality police show who run into trouble with a crime lord.

Saved by The Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley was attempting to shed her squeaky-clean image when she signed for Showgirls in 1996.

However, the movie ended to become one of the worst movies of all time.

The movie ended up becoming one of the most notorious films of the decade for all the reasons.

Ignored at the box office, it briefly flourished on DVD, before ending the 90s, calming one of the worst-acted films and worst movies of all time.

According to James Berardinelli, critic at Reelreviews, “this film is like a shiny, red apple that’s rotten to the core despite slick direction and a glossy sheen, it stinks of decay.”