World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

There are two types of people: thrill lovers and rest of others.

Thrill lovers are never a type of satisfied people. They are the ones who disapprove to accept they possess fear.

While some of them continue to disapprove, some come to a conclusion: ‘That’s it!’.

What is your fearless type? A trip to a haunted house may answer this question.

However, we can’t guarantee your return with the same fearless attitude from those hair-raising settings.

There are several scariest haunted houses in the world a fearless individual should travel to.

So, here are the scariest of them all.


Lost Souls Alley, Krakow, Poland

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

If a horror movie doesn’t frighten you any more, make sure you visit Krakow’s Last Souls Alley.

This haunted house opens in the noon until late 9 pm. Metamorphose your precious 1 hour into a scary movie.

We hope your pants remain dry throughout this horror trip.


Fearaphobia, Sydney, Australia

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

Sydney’s Fearaphobia is a hair-raising experience.

The terrifying sounds in a horror setting will leave you with blood curdling fright.

Hence, Australia’s first dedicated scream park, Fearaphobia is scaring people for 4 years now.


Loftus Hall, Wexford, Ireland

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

The Loftus Hall is as real as it gets.

This large country house on the Hook peninsula has a fantastic setting to generate fear out of nowhere.

And of course, attaining this fear theater for second time is only a mere scene.


The Mortuary Haunted House, New Orleans, USA

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

The Mortuary Haunted House, on Canal Street, is just 3 miles away from French Quarter.

This iconic mansion served as actual mortuary for 80 years. That’s enough to scare some.

This scariest haunted house in America surrounded by actual graveyards, is a also self guided dark attraction.

It has already featured in many Ghost shows. Arguably, this is world’s most scariest haunted house for thrill seekers.


Field of Screams, Lancaster, USA

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

Field of Screams is a superlative piece for frightening thrills.

The terrifying feeling of fright yielded there is bound to overtake your fear limit.

Residing in Lancaster County, PA in town of Mountville, Field of Screams is a new level of horror.

Courageous hearts from vicinities gather in huge numbers to feel the thrill.

So, are you brave enough to take your feet into this playhouse of horror?


The Nightmares Fear Factory, Nigeria Falls, Canada

World’s Scariest Haunted Houses to Travel for A Thrill Lover

The Nightmares Fear Factory is a fear factory for real.

Built in an old coffin factory, this haunted house is North America’s oldest is continually operating.

A 10 minute wander through total darkness, except the guidance lights, is a thriller at its full form.


Haunted Overload, New Hampshire, USA

Haunted Overload penetrates your search for thrill with creativity.

America’s regular feature as the scariest attractions, Haunted Overload has mainly focused on quality.

Pumpkins serving as backdrop are also used as terrifying machines.

DeMeritt Hill Farm on Route 155 in Lee, New Hampshire is a perfect stop for thrill lovers.


Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear, Japan

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is the world’s scariest as well as the longest haunted house.

The 900 meter maize of fear features a haunted hospital setting.

The scary ghostly dressed people pop in from nowhere. That’s not the only thing they will do.

Additionally, they will manufacture fear inside you and start chasing you like you are what they were looking for. Be prepared to run quick!


Haunted Plantation, Hawaii, USA

Haunted Plantation doesn’t allow children, pregnant women, and less brave ones.

Such is the demonstration of their convincing world class actors.

The long and winding village of Waipahu, Haunted Plantation plants terror in patrons with ultimate destruction possibility.

You aren’t wrong if you call this terrifying village the Everest of scares.


13th Floor Haunted House, Colorado,USA

13th Floor haunted house is a puzzle through narrow scary doors.

The fake ghosts don’t seem fake at all. They hide in every 2 to 3 meters to drag the loud noise out of your throat.

You aren’t done yet. You will also have them blocking your ways and trying to chase you outside.

If you manage to last, you are a plucky individual.

Where would you test your fearless attitude? Wherever you would do it, if you managed to hold it, you wouldn’t mind any horror movies at any time in the midnight.

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