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Will.i.Am Turns Face Masks Smart & High-End With XUPERMASK

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What do you do when you have a lot of money and don’t know what to do about it? You team up with richer people and turn everyday, ordinary things complex. At least that is the conclusion we drew when rapper Will.i.am announced his new smart, high-end face mask, XUPERMASK.

Will.i.am, a rapper, and a tech enthusiast have teamed up with Honeywell, a technology and manufacturing company to design the smart face mask. He even tapped in Elon Musks’ SpaceX’s spacesuit designer Jose Fernandez for the project. Together, they’ve created a futuristic, high-end mask with smart features that’ll cost you $299.

Will.i.am’s Smart Face Mask Features. 

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XUPERMASK (pronounced super mask) comes with a range of features which is what makes it worth $300 according to will.i.am. You must be wondering what would a humble face mask do? Well, when you turn that humble face mask into a smart one, it does quite a lot of things.

The XUPERMASK comes with dual three-speed fans and HEPA filters to help you breathe as well as protect yourself. Additionally, it also has LED “day glow light,” Bluetooth connectivity, a microphone, and noise-canceling audio. Other features of will.i.am’s smart mask includes a magnetic earbud docking system, adjustable straps, and a seven-hour battery life. It comes with three months’ worth of HEPA filters, a carrying case, charging cable, and different-sized ear tips.

The XUPERMASK will launch on April 8 on its official website. The rapper along with Honeywell will roll out two versions of the smart mask. However, even though the FDA authorized it for emergency use, the XUPERMASK is not yet FDA approved or cleared. 

Is it Worth it?

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Face masks is a huge topic of discussion, especially in the US. Mandating face mask rules goes directly against people’s freedom, according to a lot of freedom-loving Americans. Amid the rise of the coronavirus, several states in the US have lifted the mandatory face mask rules. 

However, the rest of the world is okay with walking around covering their faces. And rapper will.i.am also believes that face masks will still be a part of people’s attire for a while to come. So, by combining design, protection, and usability into one product, the rapper believes that the face mask would be valuable to consumers. 

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