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Why You Should Use An Instagram Widget On Your Website

Instagram Widget on website

If you select 100 random people and ask them which is their favorite social media platform, I’m sure about 70 people will tell you Instagram is their favorite social media channel. 

As social media is becoming the necessity of every business, marketers must focus their efforts on these social media marketing platforms to grow and survive your business in the long run. 

Marketing rules always suggest that brands or marketers should focus on where a large audience lies.

Instagram is the most popular social media channel, with half of the global population created their social media account with this platform. 

When it comes to focusing on social media marketing, Instagram is the platform that every brand should use to promote their product and services. 

Hence, seeing such potential of Instagram, brands, and businesses from large to small have already created their accounts on Instagram. 

As various marketing trends come in the industry, one of the recent and highly popular marketing trends is creating and embedding Instagram Widget on websites. 

To stand out from the competition, marketers need to focus on the latest marketing trends to capture an audience and bring more sales to their brand.

If you want to know how to embed Instagram Widget on websites, continue reading this blog to find creative ways to enhance your brand marketing with simple and effective Instagram Widget tools.

Why Embed Instagram Widget On Websites?

It is hard but true that competition is so tight and extensively increasing, making it hard for brands and businesses to survive in this competitive edge. 

Customer trust is a significant issue that every brand is struggling with their customers. As several competitors pop up in the market, it is becoming too hard for marketers to attract their audience and entice them to make a purchase decision. 

So, to improve your marketing front and build content that drives your audience crazy. There is nothing more compelling than embedding Instagram feeds on your business website. 

To grab your audience in place and offer them valuable content on your website. Marketers can boost their website content with alluring Instagram Widget on websites.

From building audience trust to increasing sales on your website. Instagram Widget empowers your marketing game-plan that the brand may have experienced never before. 

Hence, brands can integrate their foremost digital marketing front, called website, with powerfully created Instagram Widget and generate more sales. 

If you are still confused about using Instagram Widget, check below 5 reasons why marketers should use Instagram Widget on websites. 

5 Reasons Brands Should Use Instagram Widget On Website

#1 Proper Utilization of User-Generated Content

With the help of Instagram Widget, brands can collect user-generated content and apply it in their marketing campaigns. Instagram has an enormous pool of user-generated content as millions of people upload millions of posts in a day. That includes images, videos, and any other type of content. 

Marketers have wider opportunities to collect such vibrant-looking content from Instagram users and display it on their brand’s website. It is freely available content created by your fans, which you can apply to your marketing campaign.  

#2 Boost Audience Engagement

Instagram Widget enhances the visual appeal of your website, which results in grabbing the attention of your audience. Instagram widget attracts users and engages them with vibrant content collected from Instagram. 

People get bored with usually looking websites. Instagram enhances unique content that attracts your audience’s attention and increases their engagement on your website. 

#3 Build Customer Trust & Loyalty

Your audience loves to hear words or real-life experiences from real-world people than brand-created professional content. 

In modern times customers are very well known that everything written on the website is not real. Especially, when it is about any brand or product. 

When people find social media content or Instagram content from real users, it increases audience trust in your brand or product. It gives them informative content that real people share. 

#4 Enhance Customer Interaction & Experience 

Many marketers use beautifully designed infographics, visuals, quality graphics to enhance customer experience. 

Instagram Widget is also an effective tool to improve your website’s visual appeal. As it is made with vibrant-looking content from Instagram.  

When your customers find relevant content from Instagram, it increases their experience and interaction with your website content.

#5 Leverage Conversion Rate & Revenue

When your audience finds real and trustworthy content on your website, it will help them to take a step further in their purchase decision. 

Using Instagram images that contain your product or review about your brand enhances your customer experience and entices them to buy products from your website. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram is an effective tool to increase brand awareness. It will improve your brand visibility and reach a wider audience targeting different demographics all at a place. 

However, with advancements in technology and the increase in Instagram trends. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to adopt marketing strategies that enhance their brand. 

Hence, leverage your marketing by embedding Instagram Widget on websites.

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